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Had local breakfast here with kaya bun, egg and teh c. Always enjoy the kaya here which is freshly made everyday, that is so fragrant and generously spread over the bun. Be prepared to queue when you arrive at 10am for a seat.

Located at 204 East Coast Rd, Singapore 428903. Mid-week happy breakfast at one of our fav hangouts for traditional breakfast! They served the yummiest soft-boiled egg, toasted kaya butter round bun and pastries!! Those egg tarts and chocolate cupcakes not only filled our tummy, it also warms our heart and brings back good old memories! PS: we also love those old school tiles on their flooring🤘🏼 #hungryunicornsg #chinmeichin #chinmeichinconfectionary #tradtionalbreakfast #oldschoolbreakfast

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Not exactly sure how the pricing goes since there's no menu but dayum that Kaya is eggy. Without a doubt the most unique Kaya I've had and the eggiest by far. Luckily I got a hot and slightly crispy bun which was super fluffy as well. Guess it's a matter of luck since if it's fresh it's really divine but it won't be as good when you get a cold one. The salted butter is cold though but that's about the only complaint I have. Really quite affordable, delicious(unless you don't like eggy Kaya) and surprisingly filling.

Don't really see this very often. Very soft and there's a lot more pastry to custard(which makes it less sweet) and as a whole it was still passably moist

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Really soft with liquid custard inside. Quite normal

P.S. no queue at 12pm lolz (not surprisingly)

Crowded with the young adults and foreigners, it appealed to those seeking for the nostalgia, despite having to squeeze around small tables in the non-aircon space.
IMO, the egg & toast was pretty usual. Nothing to shout about the coffee and tea also. However, their cream puff was good which explained why everyone was having it on their plate.