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Forgot the name of the stall selling this nyoya zhang & traditional yam cake but I think only this store is selling them both and definitely has ppl queuing.

My fav popiah from An Zhen!! You can see the boss making his own popiah skin there. I love the crispy bits in the popiah.

Guo tie (10pcs $6)

Long Q as well, look crispier than it is. Had better guo tie before.

6pcs with noodle is $3, add ikan bilis is $0.50, fish cake is $0.80. Super long Q but the YTF are handmade, worth queuing!

My mum said that this stall’s sak kei ma is handmade and they’re so good!

There is a new stall selling Nasi Lemak and fusion food. Located at stall #02-051, their basic nasi lemak comes with fry crackers, peanut, ikan bilis and egg for only $1.50. You can add meats like fried chicken and mutton.

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I realise more and more places started to sell Penang cuisine. As a tourist place in Chinatown, definitely there will be supporters. I see finally someone took the opportunity to open one here in Chinatown Complex; selling Penang foods like Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak and Chendol.

While I personally taste their Mee Goreng, they did have the similar taste like those in Penang. But it could be better if they have the skill to make the noodle more texture.

Found another stall (#02-061) in Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre that serves delicious sliced fish hor fun with black bean sauce! The wok hei taste is so strong in the dish, while the fish slices are fresh and tender. Cheap & good!

Stall name: Chinatown Sun Seng (#02-061)


At any hawker centre, my advice is to keep an eye on where the older folks queue because chances are, the dishes from those stalls are tastier. That’s how I found this “chap chye png” in the vast, sprawling space of Chinatown Complex Food Centre on Smith Street today.
I had noticed that “Ye Ji Cooked Food” (#02-020) commanded a never-ending but fast-moving line in front of their stall made up exclusively of individuals aged 60 and above. Immediately, I decided to join them.
The spread of dishes at “Ye Ji” was wide and since the hawker in charge of the cooking seemed to do it in small batches, I had a feeling their food would taste hotter and fresher than most. Something older folks tend to be fussy about.
My order of rice with some “yong tau fu” items, onion omelette and stirfried kailan flowers came to only $5. More importantly, everything on the plate was delicious. There’s a comforting homecooked-by-mum taste and yet at the same time, execution was on point. Take for example my vegetables. They were stirfried to optimal crispness and so flavourful.
I suspect this stall sells out very quickly so if you plan on trying the food here, it’s best to drop by earlier like just before noon.


Visited Heng Wah Traditional Coffee, a small stall tucked away in a corner of the sprawling Chinatown Complex Food Centre that had been recommended by JohorKaki. It's easily one of the best kaya toast that I've had - bread toasted to a nice crisp while still retaining a soft spongy interior, light eggy homemade kaya complemented with generous slabs of quality Australian butter, and very affordably priced at $1.40. I love it that it's not too sweet, even though some might gripe that the Kaya fragrance is somewhat muted and overshadowed by the savoury creaminess of the butter. Coffee is pretty good as well: smooth and robust.

Located opposite Kazan Japanese Cuisine, there is a stall selling authentic herbal soup.

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intestines were bitter. the side order of braised ones were good though. 8 per pax. and also. glad to be part of taoeh's time slot fillers. gives much value to my otherwise ah sad life. #chinatownporridge #fs0401 #burpple #sgfood

Chee cheong fun

I feel like a breakfast champion 😊 ( because you really need to get there early )
Finally got my rice rolls from duo ji.

These rice rolls are so smooth and QQ. Served with a delectable sweet sauce and unique home made sweet chilli sauce , these were really yummy 😋 . Duo ji just has it when it comes to serving chee cheong fun in the right way . That includes - the right way of cutting them ( with a nice slant )🤩, the right sauce , the right temperature , and the right utensils to eat them ( just wooden satay like sticks - don’t expect chopsticks ).

I love the tradition of visiting this stall every now and then given that it’s one of the places that I would visit with my mum when we were little . It is places like these which make me feel that a little of the past is still in the present and the Chinatown that I once knew is still there 😌

Be brisk and clear with your orders because these ladies at the stall are fast and have got no time to lose 😜

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Penang Jiak Ho Liao

I’d finally had time to come try the “ Penang” style nasi lemak that I had been eyeing since my last visit to the stall.

Really a picture perfect nasi lemak but someone something seemed to be missing . . .

The various elements were done well but when all out together they didn’t seem to harmonise for some reason . The rice was slightly greasy and a little soft and lacked the light aromatic coconut flavour I was looking for . The chilli was evidently home made but lacked the spiciness that I would have liked. The chicken wing had a nice ginger tinge to it but and was perhaps the more noteworthy part of the meal .

I still prefer the nasi lemak from one bowl 🍲 at sultan hotel 😊


Standard quality chwee kueh, but still preferred the bouncier versions I tried from Albert Centre hawker.

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