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From the Burpple community

We paid a visit to Fatty Ox HK Kitchen, which we heard was a hidden gem that is tucked away at one corner of Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre! As the beef brisket noodles was number 1 on the menu, we decided that we had to get it! 😁

First of all, the noodles were very good - they were springy and very kiu and they were done well because there wasn't that alkaline taste which you can sometimes taste in yellow noodles. Second, the beef brisket was fantastic because the meat was really tender and fatty. We would order this again just for the meat!! Third, the auntie covers the entire dish in beef-flavoured soup and that actually adds a beefy flavour to the noodles and this is quite interesting because we have never seen such a wet plate of noodles before.

This is a fantastic dish for only $4 and if you are in the area in the morning, you may well want to give it a try because the queues are atrocious during lunchtime! 😱 Note that the stall closes at 2 pm and their beef brisket noodles may sell out even earlier, so heading down to get this for breakfast may be your best bet!

Bought chee cheong fan and glutinous rice ($2 each) while looking for something to eat but these were average at best. Found the CCF a tad thick and the rice was quite bland!

Bedok Chee Kueh has a branch at the Smith Street Hawker Centre and we decided to try it for breakfast today! One big selling point of Bedok Chee Kueh is that the Chee Kueh at this stall are bigger than that at most other stalls. Hence, do bear that in mind before deciding how many pieces to order. We got 4 pieces and it comes at a really affordable price of $2.00! The Chee Kueh was really soft and they were served piping hot, hence this was a really good breakfast to start the day!

The stall was really generous with the caipor and there is the option of adding on the stall's signature sambal chilli paste, which can be quite spicy. Do get it if you are not afraid of spicy food as it makes the Chee Kueh more tasty! Nonetheless, we think the chilli isn't essential and the Chee Kueh + caipor is a tasty enough combination. 😋

Lastly, you may wish to note that the stall is open only for breakfast and lunch, so head to Smith Street Hawker Centre in the daytime if you are looking to try out this stall! While the original stall at the Bedok Interchange Hawker Centre has a perpetually long queue, there wasn't much of a queue here today. Hence, this might be a great alternative for this of you who are not willing to brave the crowd, especially since there was no discernible difference in the Chee Kueh between the two outlets. ☺️

🌟☺️ Nice Hor Fun in Chinatown. Ordered the S$6 portion. Got wok hey and the sauce was flavourful, not too salty. Alot of fresh ingredients like sliced fish, chicken and prawns. This is my 2nd time eating this. Recommend 👍.

I ate this on a Saturday morning 10.30am. They have other tze char dishes but I have not tried them yet.

HK Mong Kok Kui Ji Kitchen (02-217)
Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre
Blk 335 Smith Street
Singapore 050335

We had the xiao long bao which is priced at $6.50 for 10 pieces. I find that the skin and meat is good but they wasn't much soup to enjoy. However for that price, I can;t really complain much.

Each portion was at $2.50 each and the prawn dumpling was sold out when it was my turn to order.

The prawn chee cheong fan was alright, siew mai was big but meat I felt was dry. I would say the most outstanding dish would be their char siew bao which the meat and sauce is flavourful. All dishes are handmade.