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From the Burpple community

This place needs no words. Tastes as good as it looks (or even better). A good blend of coconut milk, red beans, gula melaka and chendol. Was especially impressed by the pandan flavor of the chendol because it had a stronger taste of pandan compared to the rest of the chendols i had so far in singapore. Although this still cant beat the chendols in melaka, it is a very nice substitute and a very refreshing dessert to beat the heat. A 4/5 must try!! (But location abit far)

This ccf was super good! Soft and not too thick, with a delicious sweet & savoury brown sauce + sesame oil. These were one of the nicest non-hk style ccfs I’ve had, and the stall owners are friendly too! A great breakfast option :)

I like that it's not too sweet, and the mild spiciness from the ginger warms up the stomach on this rainy day.

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Prawn fried rice at only $2, what a steal! Added a fried egg with chicken at $1. It comes with a bowl of free soup which is quite tasty. The boss kept the price low intentionally during this sensitive period. Acts of kindness like this, restore my faith in humanity.

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From Xiang Xiang cooked food
Deep fried sweet potato glutinous balls $1 for 8 pcs, each so addictive, almost unstoppable!
Deep fried (rice) dumpling $0.80 each.
Interesting way to enjoy the classic rice dumpling (粽子)soft moist inside & crispy outside.
Comforting carbo snacks!


From Xiu Ji ikan bilis yong tau fu
Handcrafted stuffed beancurd, deep fried crispy mini anchovies, springy skinny beehoon.
Really shiok!