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From the Burpple community

We enjoyed the spinach soup at Chinatown Complex Food Centre (老味道苋菜汤) and we are back to get it again to meet our veggie quota for the day! This time, however, we decided to get the spinach soup with fish for a change and we added our favourite 可口面. Serving size was decent but the only issue was that the batang fish was really fishy 😑 suggest to stick with the yong Tau foo or just the plain spinach soup because the fish was really not great.

After my meal, ordered freshly brewed Kopi C Siew Dai (S$1.60) from Lim's Cafe (Stall #02-31). They use a coffee machine so the taste is pretty consistent. Cafe style coffee on a budget in a hawker centre.

🤩 Delicious seafood soup with rice (S$5). Value for money and generous portion. Seems like most of their customers are the elderly.

The seafood soup contains a few fresh prawns, sliced fish, clams, minced pork, bitter gourd, vege, seaweed. Delicious flavourful soup without feeling thirsty after. I have eaten this a few times. Recommended 👍.

New Market Seafood Soup & Porridge (02-28)
Chinatown Complex Food Centre
335 Smith Street
Singapore 050335

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We were looking out for a new stall to try at Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre and we came across a long queue in front of Chef Leung HK Cheong Fun (#02-096). We decided to give it a go and we went straight for the prawn Chee cheong fun, which costs $4.50 per serving! The rice rolls had a really smooth and stretchy texture and each piece did not feel very thick, so it won't make you full too quickly! There were 6 pretty large (at least by cheong fun standards) prawns in the dish, which may have caused the dish to be priced on the higher side for hawker-style cheong fun.

That being said, the light soy sauce was not very flavourful and it is hence a must to get the chilli paste that the stall provides! The chilli is slightly spicy but it makes the rice rolls a lot less bland.

Be prepared for a queue especially on weekends! We went on a Thursday morning and had to wait for around 15 minutes for our order to be ready!

After lunch, we decided to go for Tang Yuan from Ah Balling Peanut Soup (#02-113) for dessert! While the stall is famous for their peanut soup (which you should try), we decided to go for a change and try out the almond soup instead! We got the almond soup with 2 matcha tangyuan and 2 yam tangyuan for under $3! The matcha and yam tangyuan are our favourite because they are quite special flavours that cannot really be found elsewhere and they are done pretty well too!

However, the almond milk soup was a little disappointing because it was a little too milky! We would have preferred the almond paste to be thicker, and for the taste of almond to be stronger as well. :( I would go back for the ginger and the peanut soups in future. Nonetheless, would like to emphasise that the tangyuans are great!

When deciding what to eat at the vast Chinatown Complex Hawker Centre, we decided to go for a healthier option and try the spinach soup at 老味道苋菜汤 (#02-124). We got the spinach soup with koka noodles and oh wow... the serving size was enormous for the $4.50 paid! There was a lot of spinach given (DUH), with the standard yong tau foo ingredients such as tau pok, beancurd, fishballs and wanton. Really good deal, although you are not allowed to choose your ingredients unlike most stalls specialising in yong tau foo!

Lastly, do note that although most websites indicate that the stall closes at 7 pm, it actually closes when the stall finishes all the spinach it has prepared for the day. This can be much earlier than 7 pm so do grab it if you see it!