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Another stall here at the market that sell their food for only $2.50! Look for Jin Hua Fishball Noodle, The amount of fishballs given was generous.

Ikan billis yong tau fu, pork porridge, and yam cake with chee cheong fun. Now to get to the library to attempt to understand some confusing stuff.


[Zhong Zhong Ngo Hiang Prawn Crackers]
Tasted this plate of local dish! Include Soda Fritters and beancurd skin rolls, Century Eggs and sauces! They have an amazing sweet sauce and a hint of great spicy sauce! Well blended with all the ingredients on the plate! Whats most favourite to me was the otah! The texture was good! It was not that spicy and really fragrant! All goes well with the sauce dips and i guess its really a great snack to have while having a catch up with family and friends! Worth the try! Had this during a burpple event!

Great shoutout to the team for such a great feast and @veronicaphua for hosting this fabulous event in a very unique altas environment! Thanks for the invite πŸ˜‹

#BurppleHawmakase desserts. (1) Black glutinous rice with salted coconut milk and a dollop of vanilla ice cream. A pity the ice cream was half melted and we couldn't taste any salted coconut milk. Both my friend and I preferred the black glutinous rice dessert over the aiyu jelly dessert for some reason. It was unique and I believe it was my first time having black glutinous rice πŸ™Š (2) Sea coconut with aiyu jelly.

Appetizer from last night's #BurppleHawmakase hence the fancy plating. It will not be presented like this if you order directly from the stall.

I'm embarrassed to say that this is my first time eating chinese rojak πŸ™Š

Situated near major attractions like the Buddha Tooth Relic Temple and the Sri Mariamman Temple, this sprawling hawker centre on the second floor of Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre is where you should head to before and after sightseeing. There's much to see in the Chinatown area, and even more to eat here β€” all day long. While the air-conditioned one Michelin-starred Hawker Chan along Smith Street may be tempting, we urge you to try the original stall here, Liao Fan Hong Kong Soya Sauce Chicken Rice & Noodle (#02-126). The queue may be long, but for this perfectly cooked, succulent and flavourful bird (from $7), it'll be well worth the wait. Make the most out of your order and add on their Char Siew (from $2.50, barbecued pork) too, thick cuts of glistening fat with caramelised edges that will leave you wanting more! If you're in a group, consider ordering the hearty Claypot Rice (from $5) from Lian He Ben Ji Claypot Rice (#02-198/199) to share. Cooked upon order, expect tender chunks of chicken meat, salted fish, lup cheong (Chinese preserved sausages) set atop a bed of white fluffy rice. Be sure to scrape out all the charred bits at the side of the claypot as you mix the dish with black sweet sauce and chilli. If you're here in the evening, chill out with craft beers on tap from Smith Street Taps (#02-062) or On Tap Fresh Brew Craft Beer (#02-75) β€” prices start from an affordable $6/pint!
Photos by Burpplers Sarah Wong, I Makan SG and Burpple Tastemaker Russell Leong

From Quality Kuih, possibly one of the very few Muslim stalls at Chinatown Complex Market. They serve quite a variety of Kuih Kuih including Ondeh Ondeh, Kueh Kosui and even a durian rendition of this.

The Pandan mousse is probably one of the smoothest I have ever come across (it's so fragile that it gets squished by the plastic bag while I tried to push it out); all that on top of firm glutinous rice layer at the bottom that gives a light hint of savouriness. It's probably one of the most substantially-sized Kueh Salat around, considering a piece that's the size of two usually costs $0.80 here.

All time favourite!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

It's located at Chinatown Complex second floor, unit number #02-46/47.

Place order at the stall & provide your table number to them and also making payment after ordering.

All prices are NETT.

All time favourite!! πŸ˜πŸ˜‹

Pork Lard is a must because it's homemade!! πŸ˜‹Have to get it yourself, they do not serve when they serving the BeeHoon to you.

It's located at Chinatown Complex second floor, unit number #02-46/47.

Place order at the stall & provide your table number to them and also making payment after ordering.

All prices are NETT.

No time to queue for the Michelin Star Soya Sauce chicken? Then this Virgin Mary Soya Sauce chicken will be the perfect substitute. At an affordable price of $7/half a chicken, the protein was tender, juicy and slightly sweet. Rice comes at an additional $0.50/bowl. To our delight, it's the chicken rice rice, not plain rice!

Our only gripe: the chicken seems a little small. But half a chicken is more than sufficient for 2 people.

Yeap Seng Handmade Pau Tim

Brand names like Yeap Seng really strengthen my belief that it is possible to produce high quality food at very affordable prices.

I hesitated to use the word " brand name" for a second because Yeap seng is not as well publicised as other Pau shops but if you take a bite of their pastries and paus , you will know why you will be coming back for more ( and I frequently en- route just to patron their food).

The Char Siew Sou is so generously packed with well seasoned ( and not too salty or sweet ) lean chunky char siew and the pastry is so light and crusty. I haven't tasted a good char siew Sou in ages and I dare say this quality is equal or even better than some upmarket dim sum restaurants. Served warm, these generous sized char siew sous are only at SGD 0.90 and this makes the deal even sweeter.

I love their char siew paos ( also very generous with lean char siew filling ) and their red bean paus. Worthy to mention are also their pretty generous sized chicken siew paos ( chicken char siew filling encased with a crusty pao exterior ) which are also at Sgd 0.90 each . I have seen similar ones selling at raffles mrt for sgd 2.20 each ( you do the math ).

They have a new product - a sweet yam pastry ( also Sgd 0.90). ( think orh - nee encased in a buttery and crusty puff pastry ) . Orh - so - good !

I am thankful for an easy to use platform like burpple so that many more stalls as such ( which really deserve our attention ) are made known.

Quality food at very very affordable prices. I hope they keep this way for a Long time to come.

Duo ji famous chee cheong fun

Finally! Finally ! Finally !
Yes - finally managed to make my way down and not have to hear the same response that they are sold out.

I used to wonder if they were sold out by 10 am ... then really .....what time do people come here for breakfast . 6 am ?

I had hoped to take a better picture but was too eager to start eating that this photo was really what was left of my chee cheong fun after 3 mouthfuls.

Duo ji has been around for the longest time ( and they have a faithful following of regulars that are mostly the older generation ) and they are known for the unique way that they cut their chee cheong fun ( with an attitude ) and their nice home blended sweet Chilli sauce.

I love the texture of the chee cheong fun here - springy to the bite and served just at the right temperature with a combination of their home made Chilli , black sweet sauce , soy sauce and a splash of sesame oil .

It's my default stall for chee cheong fun when I come to Chinatown smith street market and no other stalls do it as well as them .

They only have 2 items on their menu - chee cheong fun or yam cake . Go for the chee cheong fun and give the yam cake a miss .

Prices start from Sgd 1.50 but I would say go for the Sgd 2.00 option for a better portion .

Dapur Avessha ... O
Unit 02-160

I know it's uncommon to go for Malay food in this Hawker center when so many Chinese and local food are vying for attention.
But this humble stall stands out because the food served is so sincere , it almost feels like its eating from home . Just like how Malay families would eat from their mum's kitchen at home.
Talking with the stall owner is almost like talking with a Long time friend - she's so sincere and earnest and shared that the business was inherited from her mum who has been in this market for the last 30 years .
Back to the star dish , the tahu goreng . The tahu is so tender and fresh and freshly fried upon order. The sauce has a nice balance of sweetness and spicy-ness and a nice Sour tinge from the Assam . You will be pleased to know that the peanuts used are roasted to perfection and handchopped for texture . Fresh cucumbers are also julienned on the spot just before serving .
At 3 dollars for a sizeable portion , it is recommended to share .
Other items that are popular are are goreng items . Like Nasi goreng and kwey tiao goreng .
I was very tempted to try but was too full and Too satisfied with the tahu goreng .

Tai Wah cooked food

I have a love - hate relationship with Ham Chin pengs . My brain tells me that it's not good for me but my tongue tells me it is so good . In fact, the quality of hand made ham Chin pengs from tai wah is so good that it is worth the calories.

I love it that the red bean Ham cheen peng was Fresh and warm , fluffy , non greasy and oozing with a generous amount of red bean paste. I presume fresh oil is used to fry the ham cheen pengs because there was no trace of any stale oil taste .

A quick talk with the owner reveals that he insists on preserving the tradition of hand made ham cheen pengs while most have moved on to mechanisation and mass production . For that , I have deep respect for him because while there is more work involved , the ham cheen pengs here are only at 70cents each.
You pay lesser and get more taste and value as compared to what your would ordinarily get from stalls using frozen dough that are mass produced.

Taking a bite of this ham cheen Peng with a hot cup of tea is so comforting. You can almost feel that time has stood still and you return to your growing up years.

If you are still hungry , do also check out Ann Chin popiah which is just a few stalls down from tai wah. They serve delicious and very affordable popiahs.

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