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What you should order at Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre

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Reviews of good food at Chinatown Complex Market & Food Centre

If you don’t want to queue for Hawker Chan. There is another roasted meat stall nearby, which usually do not have any queue but still cheap and delicious. Look for the signage written 超记烧腊.

From Nam Kheng Delights at Chinatown Complex Market. Freshly made upon order, the Coocnut Pancake is all chewy and crisp, while encasing suitably sweet desiccated Coconut within. Pretty worth going for if one is around the area.

From Nam Kheng Delights at Chinatown Complex Market; I don't seem to have much liking for Glutinous Rice but I seemed to prefer those that are actually wok-fried rather than steamed. Here, the Glutinous Rice is not too sticky; every grain distinguishable on its own with enough bite without reducing into a mush. The flavours of the spice were also rather light; clean-tasting and in no way clouding the tastebuds. Really quite enjoyed this despite being not the Glutinous Rice lover.

Sutachi is a brand, spanking new Japanese food stall that’s opened up right next to Smith Street Taps at the second level of Chinatown Complex. They feature lots of bar bites (think truffle fries, edamame, grilled half shell scallops and so on) to go with the alcoholic libations next door. Talk about location, location location!

However, if you’re in the mood for a proper meal, Sutachi does serve up proper ricebowls and pasta. Featured here is their $19.50 Foie Gras Gyu Donburi, which sees and entire cut of steak cooked to a perfect medium rare, sliced up and rested next to a gargantuan slab of foie gras upon a bed of warm, sticky short grain rice.

The beef is almost certainly a cheaper cut like round or flank, but Sutachi managed to handle what they have expertly. The beef is very lean, but it’s surprisingly tender and juicy considering the absolute lack of fat on the bovine. The better part is that there’s so many thick slices of beef to maximize and extend the duration of your culinary enjoyment.

However, they almost completely ruined the fatty liver. Anyone can tell with one glance that it’s obscenely overcooked, which is why I’m baffled as to why the guy manning the cooking line didn’t. A few seconds more, and the poor foie gras would’ve probably caught fire.

It’s not that everything was terrible, but when the main motivation for ordering a $19.50 donburi turns out to be badly overcooked, the disappointment is real. Until they can figure out how to perfectly sear that gigantic, gorgeous glob of foie gras, my advice would be to go for the much cheaper gyu donburi at $7.50, as the beef is excellent and well worth the moolah.

4 munchies: Simmered and steeped until tender and succulent, the chicken is then coated with a layer of honey to give the bouncy skin some shine and sweetness. Having absorbed all that aromatic soy sauce dressing with a hit of herbal fragrance, every part of the chicken – breasts included – was so juicy and packed full of savoury flavour!

What really amazed us was the excellent braised beancurd featured in the background. Braised using the same sauce for the chicken, the texture of the tofu was ultra smooth yet firm! #Burpproved #BurppleBestofChinatown

Maria Virgin Chicken, #02-189

Dessert station

While many would flock to er gu tang shui or 1511 dessert stall - I noted that this hidden dessert stall has been garnering lots of support from regulars in the hawker .

They make a very good black sesame paste - one that’s not overly starchy Nor overly sweet .

Their red bean soup and green been soups are also good - just like how your grandma would cook them ( I don’t quite like 1511 ‘s version because of the excessive starch .... just too gooey for me ).

They also serve a mean bowl of peanut soup with pretty good tang yuan.

You can skip the almond paste and the yam paste - these are not up to standards.

Dive in straight for the black sesame paste and the peanut soup with dumplings and the usual suspects like Tau suan , Black glutinous rice porridge ( Orh bee beh ) and the white Wheat ( da mai ).

These are pretty good :)

Newly Open Taiwanese rice bowl stall at Chinatown complex. The beef has a similar taste of sukiyaki (without all the veg, tofu and noodle). The drop of chili sauce made all the different to the overall sweet taste. The rice below soaked up all the delicious braised sauce and made it so comforting to the soul. But for $5.50 a bowl, he might have a hard time comparing with the eateries in the area. .

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🏠:Chinatown Complex #02-116 .
⏰: 1000H to 2000H daily.

Hong Kong Mongkok Tim Sum and Bedok Chwee Kueh!

The dim sum dishes were pretty average and the radish cake could have been a little warmer, but I really enjoyed the char siew buns which contained with really delicious filling! The bun to filling ratio was also just right 👌🏼

Unfortunately, I didn’t enjoy the chwee kueh as much. Although the kueh was larger than normal, the texture of them as well as the preserved radish just didn’t suit my tastebuds. 🙅🏻‍♀️ My parents quite enjoyed them though!

That's some Malay stalls in the Chinatown Complex Market & Hawker Centre like this Warung Soto which sell Malay dishes like Mee Soto in the morning for $3.

I like their fu zhou fishballs because it really a big one and don't forget to request for more Ikan Bilis. $3.50

eventually, settled for fried kway teow that seems more reliable. skilful, there was a short queue, it was operate by a couple - one doing the cooking and the other settling everything else, and the wok and other surfaces had a visible layer of grease on it to suggest business was probably good. 😌 I thought it was not bad but my friend say not nice la. 😟

There are 2 stalls in Chinatown Market selling Japanese cuisine. If you looking for something more simple, Don&Udon is the stall you can looking forwards. For $4, you get a bowl of Teriyaki Chicken with rice and Miso Soup.

We were in for a treat as we tried out 16 different dishes, ranging from simple one meal dishes such as hor fun to items meat for sharing such as satay!
For me, the obvious winners were the Char Kway Teow & Har Cheong Gai (Prawn Paste Chicken). Generally, most CKT are pretty oily, but packed with so much flavor from the cockles & Chinese sausage. With 7Up, you can wash that all away with one mouth, then proceed on to take another scoop of CKT & slowly finishing the entire portion on your own.
As for the Har Cheong Gai, well, this is a sure win dish too. The lemon flavours within 7Up helps to alleviate the saltiness in the prawn paste batter, making it easy for you to eat your through the entire plate (or two) of HCG.
#Burpplex7Up #7UpBringOutTheFlavour #BurppleSG #Burpple

I actually really liked this despite not being able to try the noodles. The huge fishball was quite bouncy and savoury while the variety of toppings were all q nicely executed

Wow they really have a lot of dishes no wonder they're super mummy haha. Laksa was q bland imo

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