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A nondescript “tze char” stall in an obtuse corner of labyrinthine Chinatown Food Centre dishes out stalwart comfort food, mostly to a loyal following of elderly customers. Their stir-fried beef hor fun uses much less salt and is drier than most might be used to, but boasted excellent wok hei and char. This $10 serving is meant for 2, but the portion size is easily what you would get for 1 person and cheaper at other places.

Chinatown Sun Seng
Unit 02-061
Chinatown Food Centre

Taste: 3/5

One of my favourite (scratch that, defo my favourite) stalls in Chinatown because we always get so much ingredients for such a cheap price.

Located at Hong Lim Food Centre level 2 (beside the famous Tai Wah Pork Noodle/opp Outram Fried kway tiao). They only sells only 1 type which is Cheng Teng in hot or cold, $2 each. We prefer the cold version due to the scorching hot humid weather! This also helps to cool our body temp down and it’s a value for money bowl! The soup is very tasty and has the dried London flavor which we like, it’s not too sweet for our liking too! It has alot of ingredients in this small bowl, tons of white fungus, dried longans, barley, ginko nuts, dried persimmon and those delicious sweet candies winter melon bits which we enjoyed chewing them on! Everything wasn’t too hard to chew on and it’s so shiok!! We would love it more if not for those small cubes of ice which might be in the way while we are scoping up the ingredients. #hungryunicornsg #fourseasonschingteng #chingteng #honglimfoodcentre #chinesedessert

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Full of real savoury sausages wor! It’s simply delicious wor! 👍👍👍🤪

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The best yam cake I had ever tasted in Singapore wor!🤪👍👍👍

Typically, you don’t taste much of the yam whenever you have yam cakes, because they are mostly made up of flour “cake”. However the one i tasted in this stall has a good flavour of yam in every bite, and the amount of yam cubes in the cake is generous. Good find in chinatown!

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I just had some sar Kay mah recently from a typical stall, and the after chemical taste was soo horrible.. thus I recommended and sent my mom on a mission to check out this stall at Chinatown complex market and food centre - pan ji cooked food (02-078). It was super tasty, not overly sweet either. And there was no weird bitter after taste! On the other hand, I don't really enjoy the sesame thing (but i am not a sesame fan) #panjicookedfood #sarkaymah #burpple #burpplesg

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Yong tau foo with bee hoon and noodle

(from Xiu Ji Ikan Bilis Yong Tau Fu)

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Forgot the name of the stall selling this nyoya zhang & traditional yam cake but I think only this store is selling them both and definitely has ppl queuing.

My fav popiah from An Zhen!! You can see the boss making his own popiah skin there. I love the crispy bits in the popiah.

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Guo tie (10pcs $6)

Long Q as well, look crispier than it is. Had better guo tie before.

6pcs with noodle is $3, add ikan bilis is $0.50, fish cake is $0.80. Super long Q but the YTF are handmade, worth queuing!

My mum said that this stall’s sak kei ma is handmade and they’re so good!

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There is a new stall selling Nasi Lemak and fusion food. Located at stall #02-051, their basic nasi lemak comes with fry crackers, peanut, ikan bilis and egg for only $1.50. You can add meats like fried chicken and mutton.

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I realise more and more places started to sell Penang cuisine. As a tourist place in Chinatown, definitely there will be supporters. I see finally someone took the opportunity to open one here in Chinatown Complex; selling Penang foods like Mee Goreng, Nasi Lemak and Chendol.

While I personally taste their Mee Goreng, they did have the similar taste like those in Penang. But it could be better if they have the skill to make the noodle more texture.

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