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Unlike most people, I accept both styles of fish equally. I order both when the stall is an unknown. Here, the fried fish was mediocre but the sliced fish was fresh enough. Soup so-so.

Checking out the new stall at the coffee shop >< kueh pie tee isn't fantastic..

Around $4 for 5 dishes, but also fair since each was very little. Scrambled egg, deep-fried sweet potato, honey lotus root, brinjal, 斋鹅. All good! I don't like brown rice but forced myself to.

Beehoon with curry-battered oyster mushrooms, deep-fried leaves and achar. Not healthy vegetarian I know. The fungi were unique and delicious, while the unknown leaves were addictive.

The dishes were generally okay. I was hoping the battered mushrooms would be shiok but they're normal.

For $3 each, the portion of noodles is quite typical, but what i really like is the noodles dont lump together. Frolicking in a starch sauce that's relatively runny & not gooey.
Topped with lightly battered golden chunky fish fillet, almost as enjoyable as some upmarket fish & chips!
Help yourselves to the fresh chopped coriander/parsley, chillies, ground garlic, vinegar. The dark vinegar has a nice fragrance in the after taste... 俺喜欢!

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