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From the Burpple community

Cabbage, fish fillet. Cmi. Substandard beehoon and greens.

Not the typical economical beehoon. This is a stall that also cooks char kway teow, so this is the beehoon version. I was too optimistic ordering this.

From that funky soya bean stall. I was curious how's green lemon different from regular lemon. It turned out tasting like sour plum.

From the popular Yu Fa. My first failure here. They threw cooked chicken into the broth to heat up, therefore the meat had no taste and some parts were even cold. There's also no other ingredients, so quite monotonous.

Quirky stall that rotates between fried snacks and wu xiang. This was not bad.

From that funky soya bean stall. This tasted weird. There's something very artificial about it.