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From the Burpple community

This stall opens for dinner while most stalls are closed. Not bad if you have cravings for bak kut teh in the area. They have fish as well, at 17. Good to share!

PRICE: $4 (Small) for Signature Noodles

WAITING TIME: 10 minutes (4 in front of me, 6 behind me)

SERVICE: Lady taking orders is friendly

TASTE: Quite unique, with a hint of cuttlefish in the seasoning mix. Generous portion.


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This is one of the stalls in the latest Burpple Guide to AMK Hawkers that I'll come back again for.
It's pepperish, garlicky and tastes herbal, so this claypot bak kut teh is a cross between the pepperish teochew style and the Malaysian herbal style. The pepper and garlic aren't as intense as the pure teochew bak kut teh, and the herbal taste isn't as strong and bitter as pure herbal ones, but it's definitely a rich and strong bowl of concoction you're getting here, and I love it.
The rabbit fish (3 for $12) was also very fresh, strangely without the typical fishy taste found in rabbit fish. Skip the salted vege. The trotters had just the right 'collageny' springy texture without being too oily, not too salty and is rather light. I'll definitely come back again. Anyone wants to join me during my next visit?
Chong Boon Food Centre
Blk 453A Ang Mo Kio Avenue 10
Singapore 561453
Unit 01-06
⏱ Tue - Sun: 0730 - 2030. Closed Monday.

While we were being indecisive, Aunty recommended their Steamed White-spotted Rabbitfish 清蒸白肚鱼 (3 for $12) and since it was the last plate we decided to take it. Glad that we did take her advice. This steamed fish was so fresh and tender as flesh falls off easily, though might need to take care while deboning them. Plus it comes with fermented bean sauce.


Wasn't about to post this because

a) I just grabbed this because I was too early to meet a friend
b) like other pancakes it's in this ugly plastic bag that would be hard to take photos anyway
c) the birds were staring at my loot so I had to act quickly

This turned out pretty delicious that I though it deserved a post. From Hougang Five Mile Cooked Food at Chong Boon Market and Food Centre, this pancake was fluffy and has that tension when you try to pull it apart; the ends were also decently crisp. One could definitely taste the batter as well, while the coconut shavings within was balanced in terms of sweetness. Would try the red bean one if I am back in the area again!


I loved the well balanced spiciness and vinegar-y sauce and the noodle had this slight chewiness. However, the soup might have a little too much MSG. (Feeling very thirsty)
Yong Xin
# 01-14, Chong Boon Food Centre
453A Ang Mo Kio Ave 10
Singapore 561453