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From the Burpple community

I wanted to try the satay bee hoon but it was closed. I saw this duck rice which has quite a queue hence decided to give it a try.

I ordered their duck rice set and this portion only cost $3. I tried their herbal soup first and the essence of herb has infused with the soup perfectly. They give attention to detail even on the soup. The rice is those sticky type which is what I prefer. Other than duck meat, they have peanut, half an egg & beancurd all for just $3 which is delicious.

No wonder they were awarded the Bib Gourmand in the 2018 edition of the Singapore Michelin Guide.

Got the Fried oyster and black carrot cake from this stall. Lets just say theres a good reason why Pin Xiang is vastly more popular.(though their ckt is clearly their best offering, and it was better the second time around)

Black carrot cake lacked texture, and im not gonna comment on Fried oyster since im not a Fan of that anyway, but my dining group didnt finish it

Actually its amaranth, probably named Spinach soup cos not many people know what amaranth is

Usually cooked till tender, this one was blanched and so it has a teeny bit more bite than what im used to. The soup also contains century Egg, Salted egg, tofu, mushrooms, and wolfberries. Really comforting and actl slightly thick, i liked everything about it except the wolfberries which added bursts of sweetness, slightly out of tune with the other salty umami flavours

Unfortunately seems that the standard isnt consistent. Maybe cos it's not straight off the grill and it was placed awhile. Not as crispy as the previous time i had it, but still as juicy and flavourful. Get them to share and go back for another batch if you wish so, instead of buying a huge portion at once because it's much better when crispy, straight off the grill

Definitely a decent bowl, but what really made it super satisfying was the generous amounts of ingredients. There's basically a whole century Egg inside, and the Minced Pork was very well separated so each spoonful had Minced Pork. Loved it

P. S. They fry their own shallots so there are some ugly pieces or shells lol

Their satay sauce is thick and well spiced, thus quite different from those that resembles a normal satay sauce. Cuttlefish was cooked well but pork was slightly tough. Luckily they slice it Thin so it becomes a strength instead of the weakness, delivering the textural contrast.

Btw comes with hum by default so make sure to voice out if u dont want them