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The soup was comforting, subtle savoury sweet broth, served with fish slice, fried fish, cabbage and fried fish eggs.
💰$5.5 for fish soup and $2 for fried fish eggs.
📍Teochew Fish Porridge.
105 Yishun Ring #01-147.


MJ here do not stands for the Mary Jane you know from Spiderman but rather is called Michael Jackson as seemingly to resemble his appearance and/or the song "Black or White".
Basically this drinks is a mixture of grass jelly with soya bean. The one I had here had a history of at least 38 years and the price is consider cheap for this tall cup as they didn't increase much over the years. So anyone regardless of age can enjoy this old-school yin-yang cooling drink. The taste was balanced in term of sweetness and the grass jelly given were moderate and easy for the thin straw to suck it through. A perfect creation from the SEA region.
🚩Soya bean & jelly drink 歡飲豆花水, Chong Pang Food Centre, Yishun Ring Rd, Blk 105, Singapore 760105

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Hokkien Prawn Mee($4)😋
Everyone love to eat Hokkien Mee but not many knows the history of it. Neither do I, so I done some research about it.
Did you know Hokkien Mee origins from Fujian province, China?🤔😮
There are a few variation to it but I'm just going to introduce you the Singapore style. It was said to be created after World War II by Fujian Chinese sailors. As during the coolie days, after a long hard day labour, they will come together along Rochor Road and cooked up surplus noodles from noodle factories over a charcoal stove.
Today, we have mutliple style of it which differ from the noodles, ingredients and/or flavourful stock used to create this delicious dish.
History has been said and now to intro you what I had a few years ago from Tian Tian Cooked Food and I'm glad to say they still have it the last I went recently. #teamwet hokkien mee FTW!🔥
Slurp Slurp!
Slurpy thick yellow and white noodles drowned in umami savoury stock cooked with beansprouts, spring onion, fresh succulent chewy sotong, peeled tender prawn and creamy savoury eggs. With a squeeze of lime and a touch of sambal to truly enhance the flavours.
🚩Tian Tian Cooked Food(天天熟食), Chong Pang Food Centre, Yishun Ring Rd, Blk 105, Singapore 760105


Minced Meat Meatball Noodle (S$3)
Mee Poh in spicy dry version.
But what attracted Mom’s attention was the S$2 Fishball Noodle on the menu.

Address 🏡 : Blk 105 Yishun Ring Road, # 01-132 Chong Pang Market & Food Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 760 105

Guan Heng Cooked Food’s Satay Bee Hoon wins me over with its thick and creamy peanut sauce that has just the right balance of spicy and sweetness.

Taste: Nasi Lemak - Green rice.

Atmosphere: Crowded almost for the whole day especially weekends and PH. Limited seating capacity.

Service: Staff was very friendly and approachable! :)

Price: $3.60

Where to find this place: Chong Pang Hawker Centre