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Chong Qing Grilled Fish (Liang Seah)

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Chong Qing Grilled Fish, the 1st in Singapore to introduce Sichuan authentic charcoal-grilled fish which took the center stage when it was first launched in 2010. A renowned brand in the local scene that many raved about even until today. Indulge in an unforgettable gastronomic experience with its 7 deliciously bold flavoured Signature Grilled Fish, well-marinated with more than 20 types of herbs and spices, specially sourced to tantalise your palate.


From the Burpple community

This is the premium selection which we top up from normal buffet...

From the beef you can see the cut was pretty and comes with abit of fats which gives the beef very juicy and soft texture for steamboat. Definitely a must order you if top up for Premium selection

This is not exactly grilled fish buffet, its more like steamboat and dump everything into the round base pot instead of the traditional rectangle plate.

The buffet on weekdays is $25.60 and add a $10 soup base. Subsequent you can add $10 per head to enjoy premium selection such as premium beef slice, prawn paste, lala.

The food definitely not bad especially the premium slice beef, but the prawn paste is a nono. Too much mixture of mashed fish meat (if I'm not wrong) and the texture is too soft with small chunks of prawn.

Total bill after including drinks is about $70 over after using burpple voucher. (as 1 for 1 only minus off $25.60).

With burpple the price is like normal steamboat price. Definitely not on the cheap side.

Without burpple the price is $100 over I could have went for Hai Di Lao instead.

The environment was cooling, good for having steamboat. Even though there was a top up of $10 for soup base, it's worth it as the portion is huge. Will definitely come back again!

Pricing was not transparent (extra $10 per pot). Food took 40 mins to come and we waited really long for the soup to boil. the soup was extremely salty as well. Bad service and it was unpleasant experience.

Steamboat per pax is 26.90++ (weekdays) inclusive of 1 sea bass (cannot choose) split into 2 for the yuan yang pot. Per YY pot you have to top up 10++. 6 of us could share 2 pots of 4 different flavours as 2 fish is more than enough! You can choose the chilli level for each of the soups.

My fave is the spicy fragrant soup. Spicy numbing 2 chillies is pretty hot to handle.

Generous portions of the free flow sides. The pork slices were kinda fatty but beef is not bad. Love the fried bean curd skin, king oyster mushroom, tiger prawn, and lotus root!!

We ordered a pot of tea ($6.50 for 4 pax) and restaurant was good to give us free flow ice cubes.

Will definitely be back Cos it’s so affordable with Burpple beyond!

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Instantly made us decide to have it for dinner while walking along Liang Seah St. We had the dry pot chicken ($16) and they allowed us to switch the chicken to vegetarian sides for the same price. Kudos to that :-)