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From the Burpple community

Would definitely come again!! (-: the spread of food for the buffet was good. Fresh seafood, meat and the usual meatballs, tofu and etc. But be aware that most/all staff there (when we were there) only speaks chim Chinese. Luckily my friend was a fluent speaker!

It’s pretty alright for the hotpot/bbq, nothing fancy but have to agree that they do serve decent quality of meat (esp the marinated pork belly). Apart from that it’s just alright but wouldn’t come back again tho! Total damage $30/pax and do take note that they charge soup base separately.

Food 2/5
Service 3.8/5
Ambience 3/5
Price point 2.8/5

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ate this at the start of the year so i can’t rmb exactly how much we paid but i think it amounted to around $30 per person???? which was waaaaay more than we expected for a burpple deal 😤😤 we did top up drinks and other food but i don’t think we expected it to cost that much n we basically concluded that we were scammed.

but the food was gd ngl, had a huge variety of marinated meats and seafood and vegetables! the tom yum soup and tomato soup we got was vvvv tasty. also was served by a rly friendly waitress who kept checking in with us to change the oil sheet and top up soup 🥰 but ya other than that the burpple deal rly did nth much for us lol

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Soup base and drinks were additional charges so total bill for 2 pax added up to $60 after GST & Service Charge.

They had a wide spread of selection for BBQ & Hot Pot which makes it seems affordable because you get to enjoy both in a price!

The ingredient were all nice and there’s also seafood selection like bamboo clam / clams etc. Quite a good deal.


Good range of meats and seafood. Liked that the meats were nicely marinated.

Probably had the marinated meats more than the shabu shabu ones since it was so tasty.

Take note that the soup base isnt one for one. But they do allow you to go beyond the 90min limit if its not crowded

Wished i had taken a pic of the selection.

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so many praises about this place! upon stepping in, the place was nicely decorated with wooden tables & chairs. they offer hotpot-bbq or hotpot/bbq alone at the same prices ($36.80++ for mon-thu lunch buffet). the spread was insane! there was so many options for both the bbq & hotpot side (items were mostly those u can find from a mala store). drinks were on abit of a pricey side (~$2++, non-refillable). highly highly HIGHLY recommend the classic spicy soup (buttery, mala & delicious) @ $5 for 1/2 pot! amazing experience. they were rly flexible also to allow us to start our buffet before their official opening time (we reached at about 10.40am, they open at 11am) & they don't make you keep to the 90mins if it's not crowded. they did seem a little understaffed though as there were a few times where we tried calling the staff but they were either nowhere/using their phones - but it is not a big deal unless you're big on service.