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From the Burpple community

Started 2024 with a promise to wake up early for breakfast every Sundays/PB holidays. No more lunch time sunday wake ups for this guy here.

And eggs benedicts was of coz the most Atas of all breakfast to reward myself for waking up at 6am on New Year's day. Extra reward for waking up when it's raining too.

Choupinette is a french cafe that serves up some fantastic french pastries, but their most popular item here is their Eggs Benedict.

Free Parking along Coronation Walk on Sundays & Public Holiday

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Basically an awesome Custard filled donut.

They have a variety of French pastries here, and all look damn awesome.

The chou chou is Sinful and a must have here at choupinette. Which are basically donuts.


\\ Escargot
Clean, tender and juicy escargot cooked in garlic parsley butter then served warm. The garlicky sauce is almost as delicious as the escargot themselves!

\\ Chicken Fricassee
Pieces of chicken meat braised at low temperature with white cream sauce. Served with a side of potato gratin and salad. The chicken was breast meat hence they are a little tough in texture but the light and creamy sauce sort of compensates for the dryness. The rich and creamy potato gratin was good and I wished it came in a slightly bigger share.

\\ Brownie with Vanilla Ice Cream
Warm and nutty chocolate brownie with a scoop of vanilla ice cream. This dessert fell short of expectations. The size of the brownie is quite small in comparison with the scoop of ice cream. The ice cream was icier and lacks a creamy texture.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 sets of $70 3-Course Dinner Menu for the price of 1 ✌

\\ Onion Soup
Warm, hearty and savoury onion soup cooked until sweet and caramelised then topped with toasted bread that gives a lovable crisp-gone-soggy texture.

\\ Duck Confit
The well-executed duck confit is well balanced and flavourful. The skin is not very crispy but the flesh is moist and tender. It comes with mashed potato, sauce and a side of refreshing salad.

\\ Creme Brulee
The crème brûlée is moderately sweet, smooth and creamy with a custard-like texture. There is a slight hint of vanilla in the custard and the caramelised sugar along with berries on top increases the overall appeal of the dessert.

Thanks to Burpple Beyond, we get to enjoy 2 sets of $70 3-Course Dinner Menu for the price of 1 ✌

One of my favourite starters is olive oil and balsamic vinegar dipping sauce paired with hearty bread. The bread is so soft and airy. I like to dip and let the bread sit in the oil for a while to absorb more of its delicious flavour 🤤

Preferred the creme brûlée over the brownie. The caramelised sugar on top of the pudding is yummy 🤤