505 Beach Road
#01-59 Golden Mile Food Centre
Singapore 199583

09:30am - 08:30pm

09:30am - 08:30pm

09:30am - 08:30pm

09:30am - 08:30pm

09:30am - 08:30pm

09:30am - 08:30pm




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Reviews at Chung Cheng Chilli Mee (Golden Mile Food Centre)

Reviews of good food at Chung Cheng Chilli Mee (Golden Mile Food Centre)

The signature thing here is definitely the chilli sauce. It has a hint of nuttiness, isn’t too spicy and coats the noodles well. I was a tad bit disappointed in the amount of ingredients tho. For $4, I only had one miserable prawn.

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Located just right at the Beach Road Army Market, situated just right at the main entrance on 2nd floor on the right.

A selection of prawn n pork ribs noodle; laksa n their infamous chilli noodle.

In my view there is not much difference if u order chilli noodle or their prawn noodle (dry version)since the chilli came from a single pot which the owner’s Wife will drizzle into every bowl.

The chilli paste is old school taste and reminds you of noodle store in primary school when u ask to put n has a tangy taste. It looks hot but is not burning .

I ordered the pork ribs and prawn mee Kia ( dry version) that came with prawns ; ribs ; hardboiled egg and fried tou pok( fried bean curb). Ingredients wise is sumptuous n same ratio as amount of noodle. Setback however is that prawn tasted like frozen type though have crunch but lack prawn taste and tou pok is a bit dry.

Compliment on the soup is sweet but puzzling that why prawn lack the punch assuming it used the same shell peeled for soup stock

Nevertheless worth trying provided you have a tolerant stomach for fiery chilli paste.

Opens daily but time is uncertain.


Tasty chilli mee with a generous amount of ingredients.. Be expected to queue for this!

Love the pork rib with cartilage so crunchy & soft 😘 The soup base is slightly lacking in the richness of the pork & prawn but it was fine since I was having a very bad flu 😷



One of my childhood favourites! I remember it to be much spicier in the past, but it's still super delicious. (Rating:😍)

Was rushing for appointment at the ICA and recommended to try this stall by my bf. Instantaneously fell in love with the chilli (with lots lots and lots of dried prawn) and this beats so many prawn mee stalls out there! Their soup is equally addictive as well. (You can buy their "secret" chilli too!)


It is not as spicy as it looks, and appears to be a favourite dish for some of my friends. I'm not a fan though but enjoyed the dish on a rainy and leisurely Monday. No more blues.

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No I didn't ask for more chilli sauce. That's the normal version. It's a really interesting dry version of prawn mee. It has lots of different ingredients too. There are prawns, pork ribs, fish cake slices, cooked egg slices and tau pok too. But the chilli sauce is truly the star. It's a bit sweet, fragrant and spicy. Really yummidelicious for those who love hot hot chilli.

The portions are huge and costs not more than four dollars a bowl. Awesome!

So I traipsed to the Beach Road area looking for something old and something new. A hawker centre near town that is unbelievably last decade. So many elderlys just sitting around and chilling with friends and kopi o.
🔸 🔸
A bowl of noodle is a want and a need. So this chilli mee is so perfect for a scorching day like today. Instead of the usual yellow noodles, I opted for chor bee hoon (white noodle). Ok.. the "photographer" in me is always thinking of color contrast and how to present an ordinary looking bowl to a bowl of seductive temptation. Noodle uncle generously "slapped" 2 heapspoonful of his very potent well known homemade sambal chilli. Full of fiery spicy heat that caused droplets of moisture from my forehead and eyes. That is the amazing thing about perspiration, it cools you down when you are hot. So that is a good thing.
Tastewise, could do with a bit more seasoning . Or perhaps the main purpose of this bowl of mee is for one to taste chilli and nothing but the chilli which should be the star. Or it would not be called "chilli mee" for no rhyme or reason. This is my something old. Follow me later as I present my something new. Cya soon!

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🌶🌶 Chung Cheng‘s iconic chill mee was mentioned in this year’s Michelin Guide. At $3 a bowl, you get plenty of ingredients and a super shiok chilli sauce that cannot be found anywhere else in Singapore. ~
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Photographer: @stephaniejlow

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