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[CLOSED] Churros Factory (I12 Katong)

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. *


From the Burpple community

We think that the slogan should actually be "Come as guests, leave as friends... and as FANS!" It's hard to not be a fan because the churros were almost Perfect. It was not too sweet, crispy and moist —but not oily (!!!) Plus point: they scored the perfect cinnamon & sugar ratio.

It would have been perfect if they were easier to locate. 👍🏼

Churros aren't floury on the inside when savored, pairs well with chocolate sauce! $4 for 3 longer pieces.


Ondeh ondeh Churros ($5) how about some panda flavoured Churros with gula melaka sauce and coconut? mhmm yummy!

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After walking past numerous of times, finally today decided to walk in and ordered this. Churros is crisp outside and soft inside. It goes well with the gula melaka and some shredded coconuts. Yums

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Crispy exterior and chewy yet cooked centre. Yummy churros that I'll come back for. Prob next time it will be with a dip rather than the drizzle. The drizzle made that already sweet dessert even sweeter.


Reason why I didn't quite like this compared to Ondeh Ondeh is because they kinda over-fried this. Hence it's quite hard on the outside. I like Churros to be crispy on the outside and chewy on the inside. Yea, I'm fussy I know. Haha! #Churros #churrosfactory #churrosfactorysg #chocolate