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From the Burpple community

Often you get really good Cantonese cuisine but they are over seasoned most of the time. But the amount of seasoning in this braised beancurd was just nice. Homemade beancurd braised with diced assorted seafood like, sea cucumber, scallops, prawns with chicken meat and pack Choy in abalone sauce. The price was well worth the amount of fresh ingredients. RM68 per serving.

The Beijing Styled Roasted Duck or commonly known as Peking Duck here is surprisingly beyond expectation. As the cooking process requires magnitude of preparations from air blown underneath the skin for separation, to glazing, drying, roasting and carving. Hence not many local establishments can execute well.

For the first serving, the master will carved out the outer layer; crispy skin. Though not neatly cut out, it was indeed thin, fat-free, nicely glazed and the crispness served well with pickled vegetables and seaweed paste.

Second serving, the carved meat with skin are assembled on thin egg pancakes, rolled with batons of cucumber served with scallions and hoisin sauce. Meat was succulent and goes well with the rarely seen pancakes.

For the next course, we opted for wok-fried Hong Kong style egg noodles with the remaining shredded duck meat. A flavoursome bowl of carbs with “wok hey”.

RM177 per bird.

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Chynna’s stir fried Australian scallops with asparagus and mushrooms in x.o sauce is their signature dish for many years. The scallops are nicely seared, plump and juicy. The X.O sauce wasn’t spicy enough and taste like sambal. RM101 per portion.

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This is probably my favourite chilled dessert among all in Chynna. Chilled lemon grass flavoured jelly with diced aloe vera and a scoop of lemon sorbet. The lemon grass jelly was refreshing reminds me of Thai dessert and it pair so well with the astringent lemon sorbet. I couldn’t stop having more cause it’s addictive. RM18 per serving.


A favourite dessert among Cantonese restaurants. The blender mango purée topped with vanilla ice cream, freshly peeled pomelo and chia seed looking pearls was refreshing, not cloyingly sweet and perfect for a summer dessert. RM18 per serving.

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Finally get to try out the cooling herbal Chinese sweet soup which is said to promote good health. It is not too sweet and full of ginseng flavour. RM21 per serving.