51 Hougang Avenue 9
Level 1 Ci Yuan Community Club
Singapore 538776

12:00am - 12:00am

12:00am - 12:00am

12:00am - 12:00am

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Reviews at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre

Reviews of good food at Ci Yuan Hawker Centre

📍Ci Yuan Hawker 01-29 (51 Hougang Ave 9)
🍜Pork Rib Prawn Noodle $4
There’s a variety of stores at Ci Yuan, and sometimes you can’t decide what to eat.
Ended up ordering from this store.
It’s not bad, broth is nice and not overwhelming. (Sometimes some prawn noodle soup can be too rich and it feels a little “artery clogging”)
When you’re eating warm soupy meals, you tend to sweat a little. Luckily there’s fans everywhere, and the ventilation’s good.
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First time coming back here in ages, last time when I was here, I made some bad decisions when ordering. This time however, I did some research on what to get! I decided to get curry rice as it has accumulated up quite some fame in the past few weeks or so. When I arrived, there was already a very long queue. It took me around 15mins till I actually got to ordering my food. I ordered their pork chop set + a piece of braised pork ($4.00). Got to say at first glance, they are quite generous with their portions and also with their curry. The pork chop was quite nice as it was crispy on the outside which gave it a very nice crunch. However, I found the prok chop to be a little dry, but still acceptable. The braised pork on the other hand was very nice, it had alot of flavours infused with the pork, and also it was cooked to perfection as the pork was very tender and it split right as I pressed it with my fork. As for the vegetables, they were just normal cabbage, nothing too special. For their curry, I felt that it was pretty normal and nothing special to it as I had better onces before. The curry was fragrant, and had a little spice in it. I felt that the curry was a little too watery but overall still fuses well with the rice and dishes. Overall do come down and try the curry rice!

Saw a Long queue at this stall and decided to give it a try. First impression was that the meat look perfectly braised and the Kway chap look smooth. I had my first bite and oh my.. the Kway chap is sooo delicious! It was sooo smooth and the soup was so flavourful. It could totally have the Kway chap alone without any meat. The meat was quite tender and the intestines were braised till it soaks up all the flavour of the sauce. Overall, I would come back for this Kway chap again!

$8 prawn and lala white bee hoon. Just enough for 2. Alot of lala and huge prawns. Reasonably priced for hawker standard. Personally prefer their crayfish white beehoon though.

Jue Dai Lor Mee (stall #01-13) serves delicious lor mee. $3.50

Fresh clams and Prawns with well fried Meehoon. Tasty and lot of cabbage. With added pork lard bits that add in the crunchiness making the meal very edible. 👍👍👍

Jue Dai Lor Mee (stall 13) serves good comforting lor mee that always satisfy my lor mee cravings. It is not Xin Mei Xiang's standard but is definitely better than alot of other stalls out there.

All my favourite local food!😍🤤 Strangely, never a fan of Hainanese Chicken Rice though. 😬 I love this plate of char kway teow from Ci Yuan especially!😋👍🏻

Stall 01-13 Jie Dai Lor Mee's Traditional Lor Mee ($3.50) - comes generously with lots of ingredients. I have to say their Fried Yam Roll is really good! Come with pork belly and chunks of fish as well (though the fish I found was a little on the drier side). Loved it with lots of vinegar and minced garlic ❤️

Fresh succulent prawns, soft tender pork ribs, and a rich and umami-flavoured broth - What's not to love about the Traditional Pork Rib Prawn Noodles? The fried shallots and crunchy lard sprinkled atop the noodles were oh-so-sinful but totally worth the calories. $4 for a bowl of authentic hawker fare? Count me in! 👍

Chocked full with ingredients from chicken,pork belly, egg and fried bits( maybe yam?), this is a satisfying Lor Mee ($3.50). One interesting thing about hawkers in Ci Yuan, each stall has at least one item with a $2.80 option.

Kway Chap for 2 pax ($8)
Another 3rd generation stall we should give our support !
Smooth kway (rice sheets) pork belly, offal and hard boiled eggs. ^^

LOVED the satays from Leo Satay cos they were so tender and meaty! Curry rice (can never beat scissors-cut), Satay beehoon was pretty decent too (does anyone know where I can find good satay beehoon?). G loved the kwaychap but the porky smell was a little strong to me. What we all disliked was the stingray from Hong Kong Chef Kitchen. Had a bad feeling about it when we placed our orders and she was like hold on... Let me get it and poof! Ready. In 5 mins. Basically, flesh was dry, chilli was alright. Pity the prawn noodles stall was closed by the time we were there. Spontaneous meetup and a bit of an overordered situation as usual, but this is the best kind 😋

I was amazed to see Next Gen Hawkers running the store 👏🏼 Kway Chap was one of the best I tried so far ☺ Even the prawn noodles beside this Kway Chap stall is also nice (& it's only $2.80 per bowl 😱) I don't know if the owners would see this, but just wanna say great job & keep the hawker spirit alive! 💪🏼☺️

Thick Toast Set ($3.2) Nothing fanciful today, just some thick toast with kaya and butter! How we like our Loti done hahaha!

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