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12:00pm - 03:00pm
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12:00pm - 03:00pm
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This one’s amazing. Homemade sponges are layered & assembled upon order.

First time seeing the use of chocolate espresso sponge. The sabayon is not as soft as the usual, rather firm holing the sponges well in place. Wish I had that bit more of the mascarpone.

Even more amazing and surprisingly worked well is the espresso granita served on top. Icy coffee works wonders, even at night!

Mind blown. Crustacean essence was rich, decadent and intense, with generous portions of chunky crab meat and roasted cherry tomatoes. Love the spicy breadcrumbs for the kick and added texture. Pasta was also cooked to perfection. You really can’t stop at one spoonful!

Will be back for the pizzas!

You have everything you can wish for, sweetness from the pumpkin & honey, savory crunch from the nuts, creaminess from the ricotta cream and that hint of magic from the subtle truffle essence. Exploding flavors indeed!

Loved this dish! Never had burrata served with onion marmalade, truly an awesome combination! Pesto was so so good as well! I find myself scooping the burrata and adding copious amount of onion marmalade and pesto with each mouthful. Divine with the crusty bread and a sip of pinot grigio

A charming spot on Kandahar Street, this beautifully outfitted shophouse restaurant is the place to go to for Neopolitan-style pizzas. Made with imported Italian flour, topped with homemade tomato sauce and loaded with fresh ingredients, the pizzas are baked in a wood-fired oven that is suspended from a ceiling (!). Neopolitan-style pizzas sport a characteristic leopard-like spotted crust and are incredibly flavourful. Order the Bismark ($25), a Burpple community favourite that comes topped with fior de latte cheese, ham, mushrooms, parmesan and a runny egg. Take Burppler Cassandra Chow's cue to swirl the egg yolk with the creamy cheese for "a luxurious, creamy, fragrant, amazing mess". The Magherita ($18) and salami-topped Diavola ($23) are also winners in our books. For dessert, consider the 72% Venezuela cocoa cake, flecked with pink sea salt and topped with vanilla gelato.
Avg Price: $40 per person
Photo by Burppler Cassandra Chow

For our first stop, we had traditional Naples-style Pizza. Cicheti has a nice, slightly rowdy ambience but it adds to the charm.
Left - Pizza Magherita
Classic pizza with nicely balanced tomato sauce and moist fresh mozzarella. Cornicione (crust) ain't too bad either with crisp exterior and a nice open crumb.
Right - Pizza al Pollo
Almond pesto, caramelised and fresh onions with shredded chicken. A nice counterpoint with its original flavors, though I would have omitted the caramelised onion.

Just thinking about this makes my mouth water. The simple, tomato-based sauce really shone. It was flavourful, perfectly herbed and had just the right tartness. The minced lamb was well-seasoned, still oozing meat juices, and had none of that sandy mouthfeel that some minces do. The smooth pliant sheets of papardelle were the perfect vessel for slurping up every last morsel.

Fresh, springy prawns, crunchy asparagus and handmade squid ink pasta came tossed in a luscious sauce that seduced with the stealthy heat of chilli padi.

Very light of pastry, these profiteroles were filled with a bit of ice-cream, covered in vanilla cake crumbs, streaked with Nutella mascarpone cream sauce and served with fresh raspberries. Obviously, this made them all too easy to eat. I literally just picked everything up with my fingers and popped them in my mouth. The plate was empty before I knew it.

At last night's dinner party held at Cicheti to celebrate a couple's 40th wedding anniversary, I had a chance to try the Capellini Zaferano. The saffron-flavoured, ever-so-slightly creamy and umami sauce of this dish (I suspect it's shellfish-based) didn't shout like an aglio olio or arrabiata. Instead, I would say it purred sensuously with a luxurious robustness all its own. The lightly pan-fried Hokkaido scallops were bouncy and juicy, while the florets of broccoli retained a welcome crunch.
Everyone who ordered this wiped their plates clean. I guess they liked it as much as I did.

Beautiful little Italian place. We had the one with the runny egg of course and also a spectacular starter of burrata and parma ham (or was it prosciutto?).

If quality pasta, pizza and desserts in an intimate spot is your idea of a good date night, then this is undoubtedly the place for you. The menu is unpretentious and so appealing in its simplicity, and it is this approachable vibe of Cicheti that makes for a perfect first date or a no-brainer, regular date night. Start with the Insalata di Rucola e Pera ($11), a well-balanced salad of grilled sweet pear with salty gorgonzola, refreshing fennel, peppery arugula and an umami finish of balsamic reduction. Then, have the comforting handmade Pappardelle al Ragu with lamb shoulder ($26), a wood-fired Bismark ($23) pizza topped with an oozy egg, or the Cioppino ($29), seafood gently stewed with tomatoes, garlic and chili. Don't leave without sharing a dessert, this is one of the few places that maintains excellence across the entire menu. For the perfect ending, go for the luscious molten Salted-Chocolate with pink sea salt, or the Cold-Smoked Cheesecake (both $12.50) that is exquisitely creamy and gently kissed with smoke. If you have the space, have them both. Enjoy the warm, inviting glow of the restaurant as you chat your way through your wine, thoughtfully priced at just $12 a glass, while bottles start at $55.

Ambience: Cosy and charming
Price: Avg $80 per couple, without drinks

Salted chocolate lava cake. The addition of salt balanced and enchanced the sweetness of the chocolate, elevating the taste from being simply delicious to the sublime 😍. The pizza were delicious with the crust being one of the better one I have tasted outside of Italy. But the best authentic Italian pizza I have tasted are still from a restaurant in Taipei.

The crust was incredible! Crisp, chewy and really fragrant. This pizza was rather soupy because of all that tomato purée and fresh mozzarella, and it's such a mess to eat so it might not be for everyone. But after my first slice, I noticed that the liquid seemed to have been absorbed by that superb crust without the crust becoming soggy and gross. ($20++)

Al-dente pasta, five deshelled succulent prawns, two tender Hokkaido scallops, saffron, and luscious greens. Freshness was key here, as was the medley of seafood, but what was most impressive was the use of fragrant crustacean oil; really brought to mind images of the ocean.

Also, I must say that if I styled my food before uploading (the way some people do), there would be barely any pasta visible. There was just so much shellfish on this one plate.

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