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From the Burpple community

Not bad. Sio bak was crispy and the chilli was quite good.

Saw this new menu after alternating between their 麻辣and 清汤 couple times weekly. Now this shall add into my trio weekly menu. The 鸭珍 was a good combi with the spicy smooth noodle.

I had the米线from this stall here about 3times a week. I detoured on my way to office couple times a week just to pack this. I'll finished up the soup everytime. Noodle was slippery good with the hot sweet comforting soup. The portion is big too n can last me from brunch till dinner.

Ordered the 麻辣肥肠米线 with tons of their fried chilli oil. It was sinfully delicious, spicy with lotsa sides. It has been long since I get any decent 米线. 红锅 is far off as compared to this. The China lady in front of me ordered 15 bowls to take away. You can imagine how good it is. Anyway, name of the stall is called 老幺幺.

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The roast duck stall at Bendemeer Mall (there are 2 coffee shops in Bendemeer Mall - this stall is located within the coffee shop with the ban mian stall) is a hidden gem - the roast duck ($23 for half) is soft, juicy and really delicious🤤 The braised tofu is really good too - although it looks fair on the inside, the flavour seeps through the entire tofu and the tofu is very soft:) Argh why am I reliving this in the middle of the night - I feel like eating this now!

Small portion

Not filling

Tasted blend