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From the Burpple community

Not bad thanks to the fresh tasting pork lard oil, and just nice portion. Bowl comes with fishballs, pork slices, fish cake. Rare to find pork slices in meepok these day. The stall, which also sells fish slice soup, is manned by a husband and wife team and their two sons also help out these days.

From Aishah Lee Muslim Food Stall.
Tasty plate of Nasi Lemak with signature crispy deep fried chicken wing, fish cake & savoury sotong only for $6.
Fluffy rice combining the classic chilli sauce.

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Two cups of Teh Tarik.
Each only $1.
Not bad eh.

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$10 bbq sambal stingray

Very fresh, meat slide off its “bones” with ease

Taste very fresh, not “sticky” at all. And no fishy taste.


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$3 seafood fried rice.


Prawns, sotong galore. And for only $3.


Nasi lemak from a drink stall ?
Mohamadia Coffee Stall

This stall has had the tradition of selling their 1.50 traditional cute little nasi lemak packets and their curry puffs for years. Slowly but surely these packets fly off the shelf as regulars come to get their supper and a splendid cup of full bodied teh Tarik or teh halia.

The stall owners were so friendly that they stopped in their busy-ness to pose and smile for my photo.

The nasi lemak was perfect for a supper with crispy ikan billis, pretty good sambal and a slice or two of fried kuning fish. No frills - just a sincere packet of nasi lemak - like it came out of a home kitchen 😊.
I paired my nasi lemak with their teh-O- halia - which was so fragrant with a spicy gingery kick .

Only 4 stalls are open in this Hawker in the evening. The Indian mee goreng from the stall next door looks so popular that orders keep coming in but red coloured noodles are really not my thing . It somehow seems more popular with males - they have a thing for fried red and greasy noodles hahahah!

Do check out the Chinese BBQ stall( called the meeting place ) which opens till 1030 pm - their sambal stingray looks really delicious 😊!