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Champion pancakes

I vote these the best pancakes in Singapore.

Super fluffy and slightly crisp at the edges with a buttery and eggy aroma.

Pancake is served with a salted Carmel sauce and homemade blueberry jam .

The portions are so generous so please share otherwise it would be a pancake overload 😊🤗.

Enjoyed these pancakes at half the price using eatigo 😊 - because the accountant in me has a budget for my meals 😎.

With this, i pretty much have tried all the flavors (seasonal aside). It's that fluffy soft buttery clowd topped with chocolaate that eventually melts. Between each layer is also filled with chocolate, kinda like a chocolate sandwich 4.5/5

Warm fluffy buttermilk waffles are paired with buttermilk fried chicken and perhaps to further highlight it’s savoriness, pour the cup of maple butter to move a step closer to sinful bliss. The dish may not look much, but it is really a hearty brunch meal.
📍Clinton Street Singapore
📍31 Purvis Street

managed to find a picture of the first time i visited clinton and it reignited my cravings for pancakes!!!!! my friend and i ordered these two mains to share bc they were their famous must get items on the menu!!!

can i just address their pancakes ($19) omg it was warm, soft and fluffy literally i can still rmb how amazing it tasted!!! 🤤 the maple butter was rly darn food as well and i rmbed literally drenching each and every bite of pancake in it (altho in hindsight that’s probably not the healthiest thing to do HAHA) the pancakes were hugeeee and i eat a lot so i was v satisfied hehe but i must say the banana and walnut combination while it was good, it was very ordinary! many ppl ard us got the blueberry one and i’m not gna lie that looked so much btr the compote was literally spilling over the pancakes omg + i rly love blueberries i rly need to go back and try that soon

tbh i’m not a big fan of fried chicken ($21)...... so i rmb this being kinda meh to me!! but hey everyone has their own preference for food and i rmb my friend loved it HAHA i must say the chicken was tender and the batter was pretty nice!! i love waffles but i felt like it lacked texture as compared to the pancakes la so it was also just so so...... + it was inching towards the dry side!

i wld rate the pancakes a solid 8.5/10 (maybe the blueberry version wld be a 9 😛) but the chicken and waffles for me were a 7/10!!

Best pancake in town! Made fluffy and buttery with fresh blue berries. Not too sweet unlike most of its counterparts. Maple syrup is to the right amount of sweetness as well! 5 out of 5 mochi 🍡🍡🍡🍡🍡

Hands down amazing😍 Though I have to say I’m more of a savoury person so note to self: Order just the pancakes ($14) and a side, perhaps smoked salmon ($8) to go with it the next time I feel richer hahaha $$$$. This was with blueberry and maple syrup costed $19 before GST and service charge!! Pretty worth the price cause there’s 3 fluffy pancakes and I couldn’t finish it all (explains the portion)

Came here for the pancakes and they did not disappoint! Ordered the blueberry pancake ($19) and omelette ($20). Pancakes were warm, fluffy, and sufficiently sweet. Omelette (cheddar and bacon) was nothing to shout about, and a little too firm for my liking. Ambience was regrettable as it was extremely loud during lunch hour. Otherwise a good place to get a pancake fix!

a dish consisting of soft scrambled eggs, farmhouse cheddar, house rosemary pork patties and herb roasted tomatoes with two slices of sour dough toast

the portion of eggs were generous and well done, creamy enough but the taste could have been brought out more with some herbs! the tomatoes were alright but similar to the eggs, they made up for it bc the size of them were pretty huge. the pork patties were the star of the dish; juicy and tasty! but unlike the eggs and tomatoes, they were really small :( the cheddar was alright, although people who do not like cheese might not appreciate just two huge chunks of them. (tip: mix them in the scrambled eggs while they were still warm and it amplifies the taste!!) the toasts were slightly dry and tasteless for sourdough

overall i would give it a 6/10 it was decent and filling but with its price point at $22 I expected more

a dish consisting of scrambled eggs with chorizo, tomatoes, caramelized onions, scallions, melted monterey jack with hashbrowns and soughdough toast

JK had this dish; the hashbrowns were slightly charred and overlooked but perhaps they were going for that kind of vibe??? the eggs were generous and fluffy but despite all the different fillings that sound and look amazing, there wasn’t much taste to it! it was overall kind of bland, although the chorizo and the monterey jack was good! the sourdough was similarly disappointing

overall would give this dish 5.5/10 (food by JK will be rated by him) and he would rather try something else next time for $21, perhaps the more famous ones like the buttermilk chicken and waffles!

Blueberry jam-like topping with real blueberries, served with a generous serving of warm maple butter. Quite a good portion but overall I found it a tad bit too sweet. It could really do with a slightly more savory element.

chocolate pancakes from @clintonst_sg ($19++). think thick, buttery, fluffy pancakes topped with bitter dark chocolate, drizzled with fragrant maple butter. the warmth of the freshly-made pancakes helps to melt the chocolate, resulting in an sticky, melty chocolatey mess that is irresistible. Come hungry or come prepared to share - this dish is big both on taste and on size. No other place I would go to for pancakes in Singapore (hotcakes not counted hehe)

Succulent and tender fried chicken breast was perfect with the soft waffles. Waffles were the right texture paired with the crispy chicken, and even though they were not very tasty on their own they went well with the Southern-style chicken.

Tried their limited(?) Pancakes. Has strawberries and lemon vanilla crumb, which was more like a cake. The pancakes were as good as before 4.5/5

The fried chicken was crispy and juicy while the waffles were crispy on the outside yet soft on the inside. The fried chicken waffles ($19) go well with the maple butter too!

The pancakes ($19) were fluffy and the dense chocolate chunks go really well with the pancakes too!

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