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[CLOSED] [CLOSED] The Laneway Market

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Loved the Sous Vide Egg with Hash and Crispy Soft Shell Crab Burger!

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Got lucky with my choice for brunch because service and food here is less than impressive. The eggs were closer to soft-boiled than I would have liked but made for a perfunctory sauce in service of the really tender and moreish 24 hour beer braised pulled pork and yummy crispy potato hash. Bonus points for real, crackly pork bacon and sweet marinated peppers.

Taste: 3.5/5


Truffled Carbonara - $16
Homemade linguine, shimbiji, pork chorizo, bacon, soft poached egg, parmesan, truffle zest
Paste is homemade so it's thicker. Truffle kinda empowering especially for first timer, but Truffle lovers like me will enjoy it. Overall it's a pleasant dish
The Laneway Market


This is not merely a soft shell crab burger.

The Alaskan Crab Burger (S$15.00) was plated as if this is a hermit crab in action, but actually under the soft shell crab lays plentiful of Alaskan crab slaw (definitely not crab stick). So for crab lovers, you are in for a treat if you order this. What's more, it comes along with truffle fries, making this an indulging delight for burger lovers like me!

If I could give a humble feedback to this already very good main course item, I would hope for the seafood taste on the soft shell crab to be reduced a little. It tends to get too overpowering when eaten on its own.


I've always heard of deep fried cauliflower but have never got a chance to try it. And while some are still hyped over truffle fries, my eyes were set on the Beer Battered Cauliflower (S$12.00).

To my satisfaction, the vegetable was lightly coated with batter, and after sending it to the fryer, the product is a crispy and crunchy crust coat over well-cooked, soft cauliflower. It's to my liking so much that I thought I was having a vegetarian Karaage Chicken.

But don't say I never warn you about the dip sauce. What I make out of it is vinegarette with infused chilli padi and a dash of olive oil. Consume with caution because the taste of spice will linger in your mouth for a while. Not for those who fear spicy stuff.


12hrs infused with beer pulled pork looks simple yet has captured the essence of sweet beer flavors. 👍 you could really taste the 🍺! It's addictively good!