Cô Chung (Plaza Singapura)

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Food & Beverage Cô Chung (which means Aunty Chung) offers delectable Vietnamese cuisine. After working as a Head of nurses for 25 years, Aunty Chung has retired and is now pursuing her dream of creating good food. With passion, tenderness and knowledge of hygiene from her nursing background, Aunty Chung offers quality Vietnamese food which brings happiness and love to all diners.


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Bun Rieu (S$9.50+)
Crab Paste And Pork Vermicelli Soup
Stock mainly from prawn, pork, and tomato served with vermicelli and special mixed crab ball, pork rib, shrimp, tofu
Felt like pork rib prawn noodle soup served with tomato and bean curd puff. The crab ball was unique.

Ca Phe Trung (S$7.85+/ iced)
Craftsmanship Traditional Vietnamese Egg Coffee
The egg yolks are creamy soft, meringue-like perching on the dense Vietnamese signature coffee
Creamy meringue foam on top of the bitter coffee and ice cubes.

Available at @cochungvietnam in @plazasingapura

Actually wanted Banh Mi but not available.

Co Chung
Address 🏡 : 68 Orchard Road, # B2-20 Plaza Singapura, Singapore 🇸🇬 238 839
Tel ☎️ : 8876 8137
Open ⏰ : 11am - 9pm


Vietnamese Broken Rice w Grilled Pork ($8.95)
This nondescript vietnamese joint located at the basement of Plaza Singapura has been getting constant evening queues probably in part due to the modest space but also the friendly pocket prices and authentic viet food served. Tried the broken rice, an interesting texture of rice that’s hard to describe. What i enjoyed was the tender grilled pork that wasn’t too dry and carried a mildly sweet and smoked flavour.

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Also known as broken rice, this iconic Vietnamese dish from @cochungvietnam certainly satisfies! Broken rice which can’t be sold was considered inferior and often used for street food, now a favourite among many. You’ll usually find pork chop as an accompanying protein and this was smoky and full of flavour.

Decided to try @cochungvietnam on a whim and was very pleasantly surprised by the standard of food! The only thing I felt that was missing was a chilli dip that I’ve become used to when having Vietnamese *cough*mrspho*cough*.

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Since then, they have opened another outlet at Lorong Telok, which is within the vicinity of Boat Quay. This time round, we decided to try a different set of dishes from the past visit and we ended up with the Seafood and Chicken Thick Soup ($7.90), Hue Spicy Beef Noodle Soup ($9.50) and Vietnamese Broken Rice with Grilled Pork ($9.85). The soup comes with chunks of prawns, shredded chicken and quail eggs with a mixture of corn and carrot; overall, the soup is of a hearty portion that is a good starter to the meal.

For the mains, the noodle soup not only contains beef slices but pork hocks as well while the Cơm Tấm, the signature broken rice dish comes with grilled pork ribs, an omelette with meatloaf, pickled vegetables and a sunny side up on a bed of rice. In addition to these items, we had the Crispy Spring Rolls ($7.50) as a starter while washing down all the food with the Lychee Soda ($5.90) and Vietnamese White Coffee ($6.98).
✨ Co Chung – Authentic Taste of Vietnam
📍 5 Lorong Telok, Singapore 049018
🌐 https://cochung.oddle.me/en_SG
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This eatery really brought out the essence of a good sandwich with bread that’s airy and just enough crackle on top. Flavours were light, bringing out elements of fresh crisp vegetables, tender grilled pork and a touch of heat from the sliced chili for the adventurous.

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Hidden gem. Cheap & good!! Best soup I ever tasted in a pho!!
Beef slices weren’t tender & fresh summer rolls were p underwhelming too.
Will def be back for the pho soup 🤤

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