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Cold Stone Creamery (VivoCity)

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Over 1,400 stores worldwide in countries like UAE, Japan, Korea, China and Singapore, Cold Stone Creamery is committed to serving the premium quality ice cream. The secret recipe is flown in from USA and made fresh daily in each store, before it is served to customers by combining a variety of mix-ins on a frozen granite stone. Committed to serving The Ultimate Ice Cream Experience®, Cold Stone Creamery not only serves ice cream, it aims to “make people happy” through ice cream flaring tricks too!


From the Burpple community

collectable cup and Minion Jailbreak Character Cakes.

Be 99% Adorable and 1% Despicable like Minions with these Go Banana! Ice cream set ($16.90 each) @ColdStoneCreamerySG from 15 June to 31 July 2019. Lick off the creamy Banana & Blue Sweet Cream ice cream topped with fresh banana, Kit Kat and Duo Choco Flakes. Only 500 cups available, so hurry to get them while stocks last.

9 different Minions Jailbreak character cakes are available for pre-order too. Check out their website for the full list of flavours and designs.

P.S: Pay with Mastercard and enjoy 20% off each Go Banana! Set or 15% off the Character Cakes.
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Not as rich as Ben & Jerry, but still quite sweet and bordering on the unhealthy. Quite good, though, almost as yummy as Häagen-Dazs, with fewer flavours.

David Papkin Cold Stone Creamery Review. Really tasty fresh mixes ice cream.i had from the signature collection. Really rich and smooth. Awesome toppings. End of David Papkin Review #davidpapkin

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Rich chocolate taste, sweetness is just nice! The sponge cake inside is also choco flavoured.

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DIY this at home featuring the Milo Dinosaur Signature Creation. Chocolate Malt ice cream with Milo Nugget, Milo Cereal and Chocolate Wafer Roll, sprinkle with Milo powder.
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I usually don't go for fancy ice cream flavours and like to stick to just plain ol' strawberry or vanilla, but I'm so glad I tried this because it was really really really good! The brownie bits were moist, the pecan added a deep nutty flavour and a crunch, while the coconut shreds became more and more flavourful with each bite. Would definitely return and try the other flavours like the strawberry blonde or the mud pie mojo which both sound super promising!

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