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Dark chocolate and coffee. The 2 things I enjoy combined into one. Simply delightful.

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Fancy some awesome MEE sua? 🍜 Pop by @hashtag_896, an eatery conveniently located beside King Albert Part MRT & a concept by @laojiangsuperiorsoupsg! It serves up comfort eats that has a taste of home! 🏠
While Lao Jiang is known for their seafood soup 🦐🐟 (their Signature Noodle Soup is available here too), this bowl of 896 Signature Dry Mee Sua takes centrestage here! 🌟
Featuring al-dente mee sua with a firm bite doused in a sweet-savoury sauce, this was reminiscent of 炸酱面 to me! 😋😋😋 Comes with 2 prawns 🦐, some tender pork belly slices 🐖, crunchy black fungus, dried mushrooms 🍄, & a perfectly runny tamago 🥚, this bowl ($12) makes a pretty hearty meal! 👌🏻 Oh, how can I miss out the sprinkle of crispy pork lard that adds a nice crunch & irresistible fragrance! 🤤
Got the Prawn Paste Popcorn Chicken ($8) to munch on, which proved to be a right choice! ❤❤❤ The prawn paste flavour was rich & robust, while the sizeable chicken chunks were fried to the perfect golden brown - crispy but not overly dry! 👍🏻 The accompanying chilli/cinchalok sauce aced it further! 🌶
Quenched my thirst with this beautiful cocktail! 😍😍😍 Nahhhh I’m kidding - this healthy Beautiful Red ($7.50) is actually a mix of apple juice 🍎, cranberry juice & beetroot essence! ✌🏻 Other drink alternatives include Lemongrass Jelly ($2.50), Barley with Winter Melon ($2), or canned drinks ($2). 😉
Thank you @hashtag_896 for having me! 💕

Possibly one of the most expensive chips around for the small quantity at this price point. But the strong aroma fragrance that comes along makes it so hard to resist.

A little on the pricier side cause I ordered salmon which cost additional $1.50 otherwise usual ingredients will set you $7.90.
Love the salmon as it wasn’t fishy however pasta was a little cold and hard which might be due to me buying it just right after they opened. It was good overall. 6.5/10

Recently found a gem for superfood at cold storage. The prices are quite reasonable with the portion they give. Ordered the rambo jumbo and it was really filling. Definitely recommend this if you’re on a budget for superfood. 7.0/10

Basically is just beef flavour chips from this Brets brand which is on discount. The beef taste was kind of weird and it doesn’t really taste like beef to me. Beef flavour in this bag was too subtle.