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More Reviews of good food at ColdShave

Delivery was fine but Jae had alot of problems with them for her delivery in CBD area though. We ordered the UberCOMBO where we got 2 ColdShave Signatures and 2 ColdShave Speciality. Even though time was needed to deliver, the dessert didn't melt! We shared ColdShave Special, Peaches n' Berries, ColdShave Chendol and ColdShave Chocolate Oreo. In picture is ColdShave Special and ColdShave Chocolate Oreo.
β€’ ColdShave Special tastes similar to Solero Split which is a Lime and Vanilla flavoured Ice-Cream. It was a refreshing dessert to eat but we would get Solero over this because of the price.
β€’ ColdShave Chendol was bomb, the best out of all, which was a surprise. Kae do not eat Chendol but he loved it too! There was the usual Red Beans, Grass Jelly and even Vanilla Ice-Cream in it! *This is also one of the rare desserts where Jae's grandma approves of*
β€’ ColdShave Chocolate Oreo was the disappointment in the lot. The Chocolate ice tasted quite weird on its own but was okay when we ate it with the Cookies & Cream Ice-Cream under the pile of ice. Jae's cousin(6 yo) and Kae(2x yo) loved it anyway.
ColdShave Special - 6/10
ColdShave Chendol - 7.5/10
ColdShave Chocolate Oreo - 6/10
UberCOMBO costs $22.90 (excludes delivery fee), +$1 for ColdShave Chendol

This is perfect for a hot day. Three favor and colour tgt. Able to be able to choose the topping underneath πŸ‘

A modernize ice-kacang but tasted way better!! Get to choose a Mix-in, 3 flavours for the ice & a topping for just $2.90! So worth!