Mutton Vindaloo 14.9++? This was my friends' favourite. Tender mutton with potatoes and a rather moreish gravy. However while this was filled with spices it's rather mild. Overall i guess this is a good introduction to Indian cuisine if you're afraid of something with heat yet want to try Indian cuisine. Since even the "spicy" option was very mild I guess anything on the menu is pretty safe. Also they mentioned everything is made fresh so that's laudable as well. But please please please remember to use the burpple deal else it's very overpriced.
Lamb Roganjosh 14.9++? Tbh I forgot which one was which between the mutton vindaloo and lamb roganjosh. However, those two curries were the only passable ones. They aren't anywhere near spicy so don't expect that when u read spicy on the menu. It's so mild it's literally drinkable. Then again I guess they tune their food to suit the "public" taste so that's why they are so raved about? I can't say I don't understand but when I visit a place w Indian curries I expect an authentic fiery mess with lots of spice. Either ways this was rather flavourful. Had a good deal of the lamb umami and was thick and savoury
Butter Chicken 14.9++? This was most definitely not the normal butter chicken lol. I can't even begin to point out the differences. It's really sweet and lacks savouriness. I guess it's fine if you don't come in expecting butter chicken. If you have an open mind you might actually appreciate it. It's so frustrating I can't decide whether I like it or hate it since it really deviates from normal butter chicken but still I had many spoonfuls of this
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Visited Tajimaya and have ordered a colourful plate of Sashimi Mori, tender and juicy BBQ set and the wobbly Hokkaido Milk Pudding. The value for money BBQ combo set also comes with 8 side dishes (sashimi, chilled silken tofu, tempura, chawanmushi, house salad, san chu, garlic fried rice and miso soup). Made my reservation on Eatigoand received a 40% discount reflected on my bill immediately. Who would say no to discount for your dining? Enjoy time-based discounts for your bill, ranging from 10% to 50% depending on the time you dine. No special requirement like credit card, minimum spending or whatever. . Here's how you can get S$5 reward. Simply make a reservation on The registration is hasslefree. There are only 6 fields that I need to fill in for my reservation; Reservation Date and Time, Name, Email, Phone Number and Promo Code (eatin81a). Enter eatin81a under promo code or visit (click bio) to earn a S$5 reward when you attend your first reservation on Eatigo. Enjoy feasting without burning a hole in your pocket!
Tajimaya has been around at Vivo City for a long time and it remains one of our favourites for good charcoal grill. Their range of Miyazaki and Wagyu beef, Kurobuta pork would definitely satisfy, especially for those melt-in-your-mouth meat filled with juicy marble fats. The tiger prawns were also fresh and delectable. Good ways to save $ dining at Tajimaya would be through Eatigo offers. Alternatively, their weekend lunch buffet would be recommended for unlimited flow of some of their tasty cuts complemented with sides and sashimi too. Real good value-for-money in our opinions.
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First Jap Charcoal BBQ on unexpected special day. Always have wanted to try this shop and today is a perfect day. Set (2pax 88++) is worth it plus having Groupon discount which can even buy on spot and claim. Ordered chicken meat tasted better den pork, want to try their shabushabu next! Only 1 downside drink sprite only also heart pain, 1 cup $5.50... #japanesefood #charcoalbbq #monthsary #100 #foodsg #burpple #igsg
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