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Finally I got the chance to try the Claypot Rice. This Claypot Rice was originally located at Clementi Blk 328 CoffeeShop. They Only moved to Holland Drive Market which is year 2011. The Stall Owner insisted on using Charcoal to Cook the Claypot Rice. If u wanna eat u must Order in advance never order waiting time for peak hours is 90 mins off peak 45 mins. Beside Claypot Rice The Stall sell different type of Herbal Soup. Pls Call in advance to Avoid Dissappointment. Name: New Lucky Claypot Rice 新鸿运砂锅饭 Address:Blk 44 Holland Drive #02-19 Holland Drive Market & Food Centre Singapore 270044 Operating Hours: 1100 to 1300 1700 to 2000 Closed on Wednesdays
Roger Sim
瓦煲五味饭 Claypot Wu Wei Rice Chicken, Chinese sausage, salted fish, waxed meat, and da tou cai (preserved vegetable) Bib Gourmand (Michelin Guide Singapore 2017)
Claypot Rice [$15] Back again after the failed trip last round when they were closed and so glad that we made a call an hour earlier to reserve a pot! Friend was hungry so we went for the $15 pot, but the $10 portion should suffice for 2. Loved the char you get in these pots painstakingly cooked over charcoal fire! Rice was done well (had the kind of bite I like) and the chunks of well marinated chicken were pleasantly tender, so were the lap cheong and yun cheong which were some of the better ones we’ve had. Haven’t had that much rice in a long time - I lost count of the number of bowls I had but part of the motivation was also for the surprise bits of salted fish! Felt as if everyone was there only for the claypot, so you can imagine just how long the queue can get. We overheard someone being told that the waiting time was an hour and fifteen minutes at about 7.30pm, so please drop them a call before going down!
Wei Zhi
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Fish Head Steamboat You know you’re in for a treat when your food comes messy in its most natural state with no time for any plating. We had the Red Grouper Fish Head Steamboat ($22 for small) that is good for 2-3 people and we chose to have the fish meat (no fish bones yay!) without the fish head parts. Soup refill is available self service from the kitchen area! The meaty and thick slices of fish were very fresh and especially appetizing when dipped in the garlic-ky white vinegar sauce as it was tangy. The steamboat is served with a myriad of zichar dishes and you cannot miss out on the Tofu Prawns ($13 for small) with egg tofu, large prawns drenched in an almost-like-chilli-crab sweet, sour and spicy sauce. We also had the Sambal Sweet Potato Leaves ($6 for small) which unfortunately had too little sambal.
Tian Wai Tian Fishhead Steamboat Tian Wai Tian Fish Head Steamboat is one of the popular fishhead steamboat in Singapore. You can choose red grouper or promfret steamboat. Dip the fish slices into the garlic chilli sauce and YUMZ! The soup is coupled with yam and lettuce and is refillable. The coffee pork ribs is a Must Order! The sauce is very tasty and the coffee taste is not overwhelming. The pork ribs are very tender too. Every table seems to order the Har Cheong Kai. Will give it a try the next round.
For Old School Charcoal Steamboat At times you don't mind going old school — think ceaseless crowds, rustic environs and slightly gruff service — then this Serangoon stalwart is the place to visit. The dinner crowds never seem to end, so be prepared for the off chance you'll be seated at a table set up along the back alley. In return however, you'll be treated to a seriously tasty Fishhead Steamboat (from $22), featuring a broth that's been simmering over charcoal for hours. The Burpple community highly recommends the Pomfret Steamboat (from $25), with many commending the fish's delicate, velvety flesh. The piping hot broth also comes filled with vegetables, seaweed and sliced yam, which is soft yet retains a good bite. Don't stop at the steamboat when you're here though, for the zi char dishes here are spot on too. The eggy and super flavourful Tofu Prawn (from $15) is a must order, and so are the Har Jeong Gai ($8) and Salted Egg Pork Ribs (from $10). Avg price: $15 Photo by Burppler Jasmine Teo
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