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Lemongrass Raindrop Cake ($7) Interesting way to present this jelly-like dessert in the form of a raindrop cake. The lemongrass flavour was refreshing, with a subtle citrus aroma along with the minty flavour from the peppermint leaves. The light flavour contrasted well with the vanilla creaminess of the creme anglaise. Surprisingly the overall taste was a well-balanced one without being overly sweet despite the caramelized pineapple, elderflower watermelon and chocolate soil.
Miss Ha
Pan-seared Australian Barramundi ($22) An Indian cuisine-inspired main dish on Coalesce's menu. I like its presentation and pairing of the pan-seared fish with the tower of Tumeric infused pilaf rice. The fish was pan seared till crispy on top while still tender fresh underneath. Drizzling curry foam on it worked wonder for adding an earthy savory flavor to the fish, yet not masking the original freshness of the fish as in the case if a sauce was poured over. The pilaf rice was moist, had a spicy tumeric aroma and sweet from the brown raisins.
Miss Ha
Laksa Linguine ($18) Laksa pasta seems to be one of the hot favorites at Coalesce. A whopping plate of linguine tossed in mild spicy laksa sauce, where you can even taste the chopped laksa leaves. I would have liked it better with a stronger laksa taste though. Served with chewy squid and juicy prawns, they aren't stingy with the seafood at all. A familiar laksa ingredient, tau pok, could also be found, just that there's no gravy to soak it up. You could also create thickness in the pasta by breaking the soft poached egg and let the oozy egg yolk flow.
Miss Ha
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For an Unpretentious Experience This homegrown spot has come a long way in crafting that authentic izakaya experience. Come with friends to share a big bottle of house sake ($138 for 1.8L) and order these for a surefire win: fresh Maguro Yukke ($12) with a splash of sesame and chilli oil, the creamy, mentaiko-loaded Rosti Mentai ($8) and the always good Chef Selection Skewers ($18 for five skewers). Photo by Burppler Kay L
Highly recommended The food here is really delicious! The top 2 dishes I really enjoyed during my time there were: 1) Chef selection skewers (5pc) $18 (pictured) - the skewers were so fragrant and so juicy, I highly recommend it to anybody dining there! 2) Pork jowl charshu $18 - the pork melted in my mouth. Eating the pork together with the sous vide egg as well as the pickled red ginger was absolutely amazing The other dishes I ordered were: 1) Potato sarada $5 - This is unlike any other potato salad that I have ever eaten, and I felt that it was a very good starter to have! 2) Rosti mentai $9 - I enjoyed this dish as well, I recommend this to any mentaiko lovers 3) Aburi salmon mentai sushi $7 - A dish I'll highly recommend as well, it is so good! 4) Salmon Sashimi $14 - Fresh and thick pieces! 5) Pork bacon leek skewer $4 - Loved it as much as the other skewers we ordered In addition, I will highly recommend to order a sake to go together with these dishes, completes your dining experience there (: Overall I really enjoyed the ambience and the great service as well! On a side note, the co-founder of the restaurant is very passionate about the food and the shop, and he gave me good recommendations that made my dining experience a lot better! Will definitely return in the future
One of the best Gastropubs in Singapore! I’m a repeated customer and this gastropub is truly impressive. Huge shoutout to Mario, one of the friendliest owners I’ve ever met, highly recommended to us the top winning dishes for the night. My friend and I ordered a total of 9 dishes with sake pairings, and I must say, the Tochugi Wagyu A4 Ribloin (steak beef skewer) certainly takes the cake. Very well marbled, tender and truly melts in my mouth with each bite. Their Maguro Yukke (sashimi grade bluefin tuna) served with a quail egg was also very refreshing and mouthwatering.
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