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Linguine Scampi in Olive Oil Base ($22) A comfort food dish served in a relaxed, quiet environment. With al dente linguine tossed heavily in olive oil, I pretty much enjoyed how fragrant this aglio olió style pasta was, except that they could probably reduce the amount of olive oil so that the pasta wouldn’t have been coated in oil. Nevertheless, the chopped garlic and chili made up for it along with super plump fresh prawns. Slightly pricey but worthwhile with the entertainer app. Do note that there’s a specific menu if you are using the app.
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Al Dente Don’t estimate this place because of its appellation (‘deli’) or appearance - a doorless eatery on top of an escalator. Not only it’s a proper restaurant with several chefs in the kitchen, but it’s the junior branch of the famous Otto Ristorante by Maxwell’s Chambers. The revamped menu now is more ‘adult’ than before. Pastas are good, perhaps a bit under salted but maybe that’s in line with being in the Raffles Health building. Reasonably-priced wines, although not many wines by the glass on offer. Charming service staff - could be a bit more pro-active though. No need to win the lotto to eat at Otto’s.
| 🐮 Quite a Moovellous plate of Steak。... ~ · Grilled Aust Grain Feb Angus Beef Rib Eye - $34 · Weighing at 180gm, the angus beef steak is cook to your prefers doneness. I requested for medium, which was was quite nicely done. The steak is grilled so the external still have a slight smokey flavour. Steak is of a nice texture, lightly seasoned by salt and pepper, maintains the steak’s original flavour. Comes with hand cut fries & mesclun salad. Their seasonal potato soup with salted pork taste rather good, cost $9.90, and great for sharing · Otto’s Deli Fresh @ottosdelifresh
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Breakfast burrito (left), California burrito (right) ($13.50) Sososooo filling and sinful. The breakfast burrito was filled to the brim with eggs, hashbrown, sausages... very much akin to a Macs big breakfast wrapped in a roll. This was my preference of the 2. The california burrito was filled with steak cubes and fries - steak was dry and fries soggy. Unfortunately it sounds better than it tasted. Highlight: If you love a spicy kick, do help yourself to the sriracha or habanero sauces at the counter! (I liked mixing both tgt)
Lengua Quesadilla Lengua Quesadilla ($15) . So glad that is back with a bigger space and is now even nearer to my office! Loving the beef tongue quesadilla with that ultra crispy exterior filled generously with neatly diced cubes of beef tongue that was tender and carried a slight smokey char. Order some tortilla chips with their housemade guac ($4.5 + $4.5) to complete the shiok experience!
Carb-on-carb Action In The California Burrito ($13.50) Muchachos has resurfaced, looking all shiny and new at Fraser’s Tower. Its street level location is just across from Amoy Street Hawker Centre. Besides the usual, there are a couple of new items on the menu too. Like the California Burrito. If you are a die-hard fries fan, this has your name on it. Stuffed in there with the grilled beef and cheese is pretty much a truckload of crispy potato strips. Should you find the going a tad dry, just reach out for the bottles of sriracha or habanero hot sauce sitting on the tables. A squirt of either or both does a lot of good based on my experience.
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Ondeh ondeh hotcake [$15] After the descent of Earl grey charcoal hotcake, ondeh ondeh hotcake is back on the menu once again! ✨ Pandan flavoured hotcake embedded with salted coconut ricotta creme, topped with Pandan coconut gelato, sprinkled with toasted coconut flakes and served with a side of gula melaka sauce. A deconstructed and revamped version of the Peranakan kueh that we are all familiar with, the hotcake was soft, fluffy with a slightly crisp surface layer that carries off a lingering aromatic pandan essence and fragrance. The texture was done to an ideal perfection- soft, light and sufficiently moist 💖. Unfortunately the salted ricotta creme got outshone by the distinct Pandan essence, harbouring a negligible effect to the overall flavour unless you were to consume it in silo. The colour of the Pandan coconut gelato got me turned off initially with an artificial shade of neon green but fortunately the taste did not disappoint, a pleasant sweetness of coconut that was also refreshing though the texture could have been better if it was smoother and less icy. The toasted coconut flakes added a crisp, fibrous mouthfeel to the hotcake, a complimentary and perfect pairing to the hotcake, where the resemblance to ondeh ondeh kicks in. Unfortunately, this would not be available anymore, with the cease of operations at @artistrycafesg 👋🏻 . . . #burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice
Peanut butter & Jelly French Toast [$15] . And so... today marks the end of @artistrycafesg ‘s service and operations 👋🏻😭. Apart from the brunch, one thing I would miss most is this French Toast that surprisingly far exceeded my expectations, officially one of the best I have ever had (apart from @sarabethsofficial that I tried in Taiwan). Had initially wanted to try it last weekend, but it was already sold out by 12pm😭. Came back on a Friday afternoon (and reserved this just in case) which certainly did not disappoint, to which both my dining and I enjoyed it truly, polishing it off in no time, although she doesn’t even have a sweet tooth in the first place, unlike me. The brioche toast soaked in spiced custard was soft, fluffy with a pillowy texture that is filled with peanut butter and raspberry jam. A nutty, roasted flavour and aroma coupled with a subtle tartness from the fruity jam, it was clearly a winning combination that surprisingly didn’t turn out to be overwhelming or saccharine as expected! 💖 Served with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream that was smooth, creamy with a fragrant milky flavour, the addition of the mixed berry coulis provided a tinge of acidity; a good counter balance to the other sweeter elements. Wouldn’t mind giving this a 2nd try... but unfortunately its extinction prohibited me from doing so 😭 . . . . #burpple #smitteneats #smittenchoice
PB&J 15++ Again, crispy on the outside and beautifully chewy on the inside. Their peanut butter and jelly comes tgt perfectly and in the right ratio in relation to the bread. Closes this Sunday so better head down there asap. Reservations aren't allowed lol so do walk-in esp in the quieter morning hours
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Many should know it is the last day of operation for @thebetterfield today! We went back for the last time yesterday to bid farewell and tried their special Omakase menu ($80 for 4 courses). 😰 Featuring the main course - A5 Wagyu Beef as part of the Omakase! The marbling of the beef was intensive and the tender meat simply gives you the melt-in-your-mouth texture 🤩 Friendship was forged and bonded at The Betterfield ever since Bras Besar times. 有不舍的感觉! Till then, wishing you all da best @chef_sig!
Smoked Rib Eye omakase (S$50+) 4 course meal Crab 🦀 meat burger with blueberry sauce Burnt lobster topped with Mentaiko sauce accompanied with salt egg pasta Smoked Sakura rib eye with Indonesian sambal accompanied with Filipino style pickles Ladyfinger with Biscuit ice cream, topped with digestive biscuit, coca powder & rainbow salt Served with a glass of white wine. Available at @thebetterfield Kind of unusual serving steak 🥩 with spicy sauce and appetizing pickles. . The Betterfield Address 🏠 : 100 High Street, # 01-03 The Treasury, Singapore 🇸🇬 179 434 Tel ☎️ : 9233 5142 Open 💈 : Mon - Fri : 11am - 10pm Sat : 6pm - 10pm Website 🌐 : MRT 🚇 : City Hall (NS25/ EW13) Note 📝 : No GST but got 10% service charge Last day of operation is 17th March 2018
Before the shutter closes on 17 March, this is my final swan song visit to The Betterfield. Back in 2014 when it first opened in a humble shop along Waterloo Street till now in its expanded premises at High Street, the food has been consistently good under the hands of Chef Shaun. I vividly remember that after my maiden visit, I was truly impressed with their Duck Confit ($22), Pulled Duck Burger ($20) and Black Angus Ribeye ($21 200g, $38, 400g). Each subsequent visit was filled with excitement and the launch of new dishes such as Roasted Duck Fat Potatoes ($16) and Furikake Pasta ($21) made ordering even harder as you are spoilt for choice. On this very night, all of the classics and favorites were layout on a table. • Regrettably, all good things must come to an end as we await the new concept in the near future. Au revoir and good bye for now as The Betterfield has left the building. _____________ The Betterfield Address: 100, High Street, The Treasury, Unit 01-03, Singapore 179434
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