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Finally gathered the village to try the tapas at @focpimpam We loved the Patatas Bravas ($10) which were fried potatoes topped with spicy salsa and aioli. Just can’t go wrong with that combination. The crab ($12) and mushroom ($10) croquettes were amazing, as expected. However we found the seafood paella ($35) a pity cuz everything else was right except that is was too salty for us.
Spanish cuisine is commonly known for 3 dishes; tapas, paella and churros. Out of the trinity of foods, I feel that the tapas fared the best out of all. The PIM PAM Trinxat ($20) particularly caught my attention at first glance of the menu as the plate comes with pan fried mashed potatoes, cabbage, stewed pig’s ear, eggs and kale. This combination is something that I haven’t heard or tried before which pique my interest instantly. Upon the first bite, you will experience a myriad of textures from the crispy potatoes and kale, followed by the chewy pig’s ear while the egg when mixed into it provides a creamy consistency and flavour. It was followed with the Iberico Pork Secreto & Mushroom Paella ($33) which packs a bite but it was not as filling. Last but not least, the quintessential Spanish dessert, the classic Churros with Chocolate Sauce ($6). Nothing to shout about for the churros as it might have been in the fryer for a little over as I preferred mine slightly less crisper with more bite. _________________ FOC PIM PAM Address: 442, Orchard Road, Unit 01-29, Singapore 238879
Squid Ink Paella Had the squid Ink Paella at FOC PIM PAM with the 50% Singtel discount. Haven't had many paellas, but this seemed to be a pretty competent rendition, with a nice smoky squid ink sauce and little squid nuggets scattered in between. The rice was nice, albeit a tiny bit hard (though understandable given it's a paella). Came with 4 dollops of garlic aioli topped with prawns, though it was a little unfortunate that the flavour of the aioli wasn't really discernible when mixed into the paella, having been slightly masked by the squid Ink sauce.
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For Hot Pot and Cheap Beer This is our go-to for reasonably priced hot pot and affordably priced beer; the industrial chic setting of brick walls and cement floors is a nice plus. Along with standard ingredients like sliced meat, seafood and veggies, the Steamboat Buffet ($29.80) also features lesser provided ingredients like pig intestines, prawn paste and beef omasum (a part of cow stomach). The latter is especially delicious having soaked up all the flavours in the mala broth. Like Guo Fu Steamboat, the price here excludes the broth base — expect to pay an average of $18 for two soups, so come in a group to keep the cost down. Some favourite broths among the Burpple community include the Sichuan mala, the pork-based bone soup and sweet tomato. Beer lovers would appreciate that the beer here averages at $6 a serving, with four big bottles of Qingdao going for $20! Avg price: $40 Photo by Burppler Jason Yeo
55 Steamboat If you are looking for all you can eat buffet concept hot pot yet with fresh ingredients, check this one out. Good ambiance and very price friendly beer ($6) as well. They've made a lot efforts in the whole decor also. Will come back again! 👍🏻
Steamboat Buffet Steamboat Buffet (~$40/pax) Newly opened @55steamboat serves up excellent soup bases like their pork bone soup and mala soup. The rich pork bone broth is already very tasty on its own. Overall, ingredients were very fresh. I particularly enjoyed their big intestines strips, an item seldom available at buffets. Another item deserving special mention is their handmade prawn ball. Served in a piping bag, the service staff will assist you to add the prawn paste into the soup in the shape of little prawn balls! Once cooked, the balls are a nice pinkish red and delivers the sweetness and crunchiness of the fresh prawn meat! 55 Steamboat is currently running a 10% discount opening promo so capture the opportunity to try this at a steal😉!
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