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Great Indian Spread So... we might have gone just a tad overboard in ordering between the two of us, but definitely no regrets! They're known for their chapatis and it is clear why. Chapati isn't my favourite carb in Indian cuisine, but these might just have changed my mind. They were pleasantly mild in tasting, and were not at all dry, unlike previous chapatis I've had. Most also order the Keema along with their chapatis, but I actually preferred pairing mine with their chicken curry. It was familiar in taste, and resembled like our prata and curry without all that oil. If you're a huge tendon fan like I am, please do not miss out on ordering the tulang! Instead of the red tulang that is commonly found in the other Indian Muslin establishments, these were served with the same curry previously mentioned. My mother said the tendons were a little too tough, but I didn't mind a single bit because it had a nice chew. Probably not the best item to order on a first date because chewing around the bone to get to the best bits in the tiniest nooks and crannies (yes all that anatomy lessons have paid off) isn't the most glamorous sight, but it is an immensely rewarding experience. The ladies finger and dal were great vegetarian options to balance out all that meat too. But the dish that impressed us the most, was certainly one which we were not expecting- goat's brain. It was delightfully creamy, and both the texture and taste actually reminded us of scrambled eggs. It did have a mild organ taste, but nothing too off-putting. Beautifully spiced, and packed a nice gentle heat. If you're game for it, definitely give it a go! Overall, a very satisfying lunch that I'm certain will set me in a food coma soon, but I sure ain't complaining. 😌
Chapati, Mutton Keema, Bittergourd, Ladies Fingers, Potato & Cauli All this for three of us was just nice, total spent $12.70! Epic meal, the chapati is warm and fragrant, perfect as always. The keema was hearty, spicy, not gamey at all and just a great Indian bolognese! The bittergourd was the star for me 👌🏻👌🏻👌🏻 Another lovely lunch at Azmi’s.
Lunch today of the legendary chapatti with masala mutton. Mutton was really lean and tender. Total damage $7.00. Takes only 2 pieces of chapatti to fill me up cos it's made of whole wheat. Yums! ••• Azmi Restaurant Add: 168/170 Serangoon Road (Beginning of Norris Road) ••• #sglegendaryhawker
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Tom Yum Fried Rice 7.9nett Student Set I've heard that some people like it but this isn't my thing at all. Rice grains were distinct but that's about it from me. I got chicken and added pork for 2$ but damn that's a bad decision. Their pork sliced were incredibly tough today. Feels like a mismatch of flavours with spicy, sweet and sour all thrown in haphazardly and doesn't meld tgt at all. Taste nothing like tom yum and even the weak attempt of lemongrass turned out to be a disaster as some pieces were much too small to be noticed and removed, leading to an occasional extremely unpleasant texture in the fried rice. Then again some people like the taste and as much as I love to hate on it overall it was still quite palatable I have to admit
Basil Bak Chor Mee 5.9nett They put two chilis beside this dish on the menu but wow the spiciness level is q inconsistent. The heat sets in from the first bite and then just never dissipates. Gosh I think this can be a challenge lol. The spiciness profile really does feel like heat, like holding a 60degree stone in ur mouth compared to other kinds of spicy, say the prickling sharp pain. Otherwise it's q aromatic and the basil mince meat was pretty flavourful. The noodles aren't particularly doused in sauce so this would be great with side dishes
Claypot Tomyum MAMA—$12.90 Spicy level 3 and Sour level 2, this claypot has definitely level up our favourite thai tomyum MAMA noodles. To justify the price, this comes with crab claw meat, prawn, clam, squid, minced pork and the mandatory egg. So good that we ordered a second round. Not enough for 2pax to share la! 🤣 . Another must-try is their Grilled Moo Ping ($5.90/3pcs). Grilled minced pork that has fats in it to give that sweet patty the omph juicy bites. Pretty reasonable priced side dishes ranging from $3.90-$5.90 generally. Not forgetting thai milktea and greentea ($2.90 each). Try the Jumbo-sized milktea ($12.90) if you have the stomach space to. My advice: just go for regular-sized ones and order different flavours. . #tomyummama #tomyum #claypot
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AmaZing Pita And hummus! Fluffy like clouds pita and smooth savory hummus. All for a good price! Special pita flavors at $2.20 each Garlic was my favorite! Za’atar was good but not really my thing. Ask the shopkeeper to heat t up for you so you can snack as you walk! 100g of hummus for $3 Add some olive oil! It was very very tasty but a little too smooth for me (I’m a crunchy peanut butter girl) I wanted to get the hummus special for $13 recommended by fellow burpplers but that’s only offered if the tables are available (note only 2 two seaters are provided outside the shop)
Za'atar Pita, Homemade Hummus One of my favourite places to stop by for a delicious snack. This places supplies the best pita in the country to some of the best restaurants, so you know you're in for a treat! My favorites are the wholemeal and za'atar pitas, served warm alongside their superbly creamy hummus. Say yes when he asks if you take spicy, and you'll be rewarded with a lovely dusting of chili powder. Loaded with whole chickpeas and hard boiled eggs, this was divine. I also loved the really simple, no frills environment, just sitting along the walkway at Bali Lane and snacking on these beauties 👌🏻
Pita (from $1) & Homemade Hummus (from $5 for 100g) I’ve walked past this section several times but sadly never once noticed this bakery. 💔 Apparently, it’s been here for three years(!!) and they bake some of the most uhmayzing pita bread on the island daily and supply various hotels and restaurants including Common Man Coffee Roasters and Fat Prince. You can purchase fresh pita from their in-house assortment — white ($1), wholemeal ($1.50), sesame seeds, garlic, za’atar ❤️❤️, Spicy New Orleans/cajun ($2.20 for any with toppings) — along with various dips to enjoy on the spot or to take home (they’re on Deliveroo too!). Oh, and they don’t use canned chickpeas for their hummus; they soak the chickpeas overnight to soften before cooking instead. So next time you’re planning a mezze party or craving for good pita and spreads, you know where to go!
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Hanoi Bun Cha A delicious hidden gem that I finally got down to visiting after @rinns recommendation, Uncle Ho Tuckshop located inside a commercial building offers some kickass Vietnamese noodles (psst maybe even one of the best in Singapore imho). Having their signature and the very dish made famous when Anthony Bourdain gave Barack Obama a crash course on Vietnamese cuisine in Hanoi, their Buncha Lunch Value Set Meal which includes a drink ($14.90) was simply delightful and amazingly appetising. Served with a sweet tangy broth with a mixture of grilled pork belly and grilled meatball, the Buncha is to be eaten like a Vietnamese Soba, adding condiments in to enhance the flavours and dipping the rice vermicelli into the soup. And of course in true Vietnamese style, a side of fresh greens and herbs to introduce different textures and taste to the bowl. Though a tad astringent with its base flavour being pickled vegetables, the sourish elements really supplement and amp up the broth. Won’t recommend drinking it as a soup but man it is super shiok - a balanced and harmonious blend. But the highlight for me was certainly the thin slices of pork that reminded me of bacon at first bite and the well-seasoned grilled meatballs. Slurps. Their iced lemongrass-pandan was two thumbs-up, too.
Hanoi Bun Cha Interesting dip noodles from Vietnam! Sweet dip before adding in Garlic & Chilli but after adding it tastes different in a nicr way! $14.90 for a lunch set including a drink. Will try the baguette next time!
Authentic Hanoi Cuisine in the West! Beef Combo Pho. Read more: https://www.misstamchiak.com/uncle-ho-tuckshop/
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