From the Burpple community

An authentic, old-school dessert stall! Lady boss can get quite grumpy if you’re indecisive. Portions are small with few ingredients even though each bowl ($1) is very affordable. Loved the bubur terigu with all its chewy bits inside but I’ve had better chng teng elsewhere!

A hearty bowl of Cantonese congee! The pork porridge ($3) was smooth with chewy meat pieces. A very homely stall, especially when the lady boss speaks dialect to you :-)

Was warned that the spicy wanton ramen ($4) would be really spicy, but it’s not at all!! In fact, I’d love a stronger kick of chilli and vinegar. Loved the chewy noodles but found the dumplings quite average. Would probably get a plain version the next time and add a huge dollop of chilli oil on the side!

Fresh out after frying. The flavour sounds interesting and taste interesting too. Pastry wise it is not bad though the whole thing is nothing to shout about. They have other interesting flavours too, maybe can try the others instead. Unit #02-64

Located at one of the rarest heard market n food ctr... decent n proper egg noodles. The soup taste abit different n it seems like tellin u tat ur eatin healthy haha.. havin this wonton is gd enuff to keep u satisfied.

Cheeseburger v3. Good burger, very juicy party with cheese. Fries are incredibly good too.

For $6, it is quite affordable for such a quality burger. However, the wait is quite long as I waited for about 40 minutes for my food.

Should give it a try if you're in the area!