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Reviews at ComNam Vietnamese Street Eats

Reviews of good food at ComNam Vietnamese Street Eats

Value Breakfast Set (S$6.90)
Available Monday to Friday 8am to 10am at @ComnamVietStreetEats in @RafflesCitySg
Selected Bun Cha Ca Da NaNg with Viet coffee ☕️ with condensed milk (hot)
The dry noodles looked like mee poh but tasted kind of bland and there parts which were hard and lumpy. Topped with poached egg and crackers.
ComNam Vietnamese Street Eats
Address 🏠 : 252 North Bridge Road, # B1-46/47 Raffles City Shopping Centre, Singapore 🇸🇬 179 103
Tel ☎️ : 6334 7377
Open 💈 : 8am - 9.30pm
Website 🌐 :
MRT 🚇 : City Hall (NS25/EW13)

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Ended up ordering this ultra-savoury Pork belly stew. It's sweet, salty and quite shiok after a Long day. However, The pork is *not tender* at all, so don't expect it to be amazing. It comes with a side, a drink AND a dessert, all for $15.90. Value for money, I Guess 🤷🏻‍♂️


Very enjoyable dessert that isn't too sweet. The only problem is that it's a whole bowl of sticky rice so it might be rather filling after their generous mains. Smooth and comforting with a dash of coconut milk


When I saw the 12.9 price tag I had my reservations since it costed more than most mains here but damn it was worth it. Definitely get this tender juicy slices of pork, crispy thin egg pancake and even prawns. Not only was the portion q big the fillings were also very generous. The entire table was impressed by this dish


The Viet tsukemen. Rather light dipping sauce which was spicy and sweet but really addictive. Shares the same dipping sauce as the banh xeo so if you're getting their signature dish you might avoid this. The minced pork patties were super super soft and toothsome but the pork slices were quite tough.


Had very high expectations but the dish only turned out to be okay. The soup was decent and thick but prawn aroma and umami was still lacking. The prawn was well grilled and smoky, while the pork is similar to Chinese "xiao rou"(a rather low key traditional dish that is very tedious to prepare). Fishcake slices and fried calamari were all passable but nothing particularly stood out.


The rice was actually fragrant with the spring onion topping but wow this is a satisfying dish. The pork was rather tender and incredibly flavourful. Homely dish that hits the spot with great porky umami. The vinegared veggies by the side were pretty good also even though the pork wasn't greasy enough to require it

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ComNam has got value-for-money set meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Their mouth-watering ala-carte menu are also just as great. 😋

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Gloomy Friday calls for a piping hot bowl of Fisherman Pork Noodles ($12). It's essentially a bowl of Super Gao or rich prawn Mee Soup, that is so aromatic and very hearty. The suspicious looking brown blob of concentrated prawn paste, just give the bowl that added kick in the stomach (I am big of heavy Flavours) Generous seafood portion, slice pork and loaded with the usual greens, on any given day, it would be my favourite order when I am at the Vietnamese eatery.

The Sài Gòn / Fisherman Pork Noodle Soup ($12) is one comforting yet healthy choice! Instead of using pho, Mee Tai Mak (Rat's Tail) is used instead. This makes it easier for most to have spoonfuls filled with MTM & it's pork-filled clear broth, while preparing for that spicy yet light kick of chili to end off each mouthful.
Another item you should try if you're intending to head down is the Banh Xeo ($12.90) which is an eggy pancake filled with prawns, pork and fresh herbs! You can either have it on it's own, or wrap it with lettuce before popping it in!

The previous concept of Vietnamese broken rice bowls fell short on popularity, and so ComNAm transformed its menu to street eats instead. It still retains the modern twist on the dishes, by virtue of founder Chef Nam Quoc Nguyen who has French culinary roots. Judging from the boisterous bustle on a weekday night, the revamp seems to be a hit.
We started the tasting with the Banh Xeo, which became one of the hot favourites. It’s a thin pancake filled with prawns, pork belly slices and sprouts, complemented with greens and herbs at the side. The crispiness doesn’t stay for long after the oil soaks through, but it’s a treat chewing on the grilled pork and crunchy prawn while relishing the tangy and spicy profiles from the dipping sauce.
The Crispy Netted Seafood Rolls are also pretty good as an starter. Made with minced seafood paste wrapped with rice paper then deep fried, the rolls can be cut into smaller pieces for sharing, and taste best dipped in the nuoc cham, a mixture of fish sauce, lime, garlic and chili padi for that all-round palate provocation.
The highlight for me was the Fisherman Pork Noodle Soup. We shared a bowl during the tasting so I didn’t get the pork, but the soup alone was pow-wow! It was so rich, almost like downing spoonfuls of concentrated liquid prawn paste, but not overboard that you get sick of it halfway. This is the bowl to have on a rainy day or when you need a hug but your stomach receives it instead - I will be back for this.
One item that I think needs improvement is the glutinous rice balls. The thick and mushy skins are no match to Hong Kong dessert dumplings that we are used to. If you have a sugar craving, go for the refreshing beverage concoctions like the lychee lime sparkling or the soursop pandan iced tea.
Thanks @comnamvietstreeteats for feeding us and @burpple for the invite!


Bábh Xèo ($12.90), is simply delightful to have and to share. Pork and prawns pieces wrapped in thin, crisp pancake, is like playing peekaboo before a start of a good meal. A tad oily, but I am not complaining. Savoury fish sauce concoction is a classic and must have to dip in. If you need some good crunch of fresh herbs and greens, wrap the pancake and dip right into the sauce, to give it a more balanced taste. Be generous and keep your mouth watering for more.

Here's one for the egg porn - with the luscious yolk flowing into a rice bowl filled with fragrant viet rice & super yummy lemongrass-chili chicken!

The subtle hints of lemongrass helped to lift up the flavors of the chicken, which was juicy, tender & perfectly marinated. For those who are chili lovers, the level of spice may be a little light to you, but feel free to add more into your rice bowl as they have sauces & condiments at every table!

ComNam has recently gone through and revamp at Raffles City, which has seen a new menu that dishes out a good variety of Vietnamese street food as opposed to what was served previously here. Tried out many items, including the Crispy Soft Shell Crab, Banh Xeo, Mango & Guava Salad, Braised Pork Claypot, Bun Cha, Fisherman Pork Noodle Soup and a selection of desserts amongst other dishes — all of which left us really satisfied and craving for more.

A few of the dishes I loved would be the Banh Xeo — the Vietnamese Egg Pancake that is delightfully crisp and well filled with prawn, pork and sprouts that is supposed to be wrapped in the leafy greens at the side before consumption; particularly enjoyed that chili sauce at the side where it not only carried the savoury flavours of fish sauce, but provided a real spicy kick that a lot of places seem to lack of in their interpretations of this dish. The Bun Cha also left a deep impression; a dish that's the Vietnamese version of Tsukemen where the rice noodles are to be dipped in a umami sauce which was a combination of shrimp sauce and fish sauce that worked well with all the herbs to provide a refreshing flavour that was light yet flavourful.

The use of Mee Tai Mak in the Fisherman Pork Noodle Soup may not be exactly authentic in Vietnamese cuisine, but the chef at ComNam likes to create fusion dishes by using Singaporean elements in Vietnamese food. While the umami flavour hits hard with the Bun Cha, the Fisherman Pork Noodle Soup was uplifting with its homely, warm and comforting flavour — tastes and feels like a Vietnamese counterpart to a good bowl of Udon with clear broth; clean and light-tasting, yet comes with a spicy kick at the back that doesn't really try to numb the senses, but does generate the heat for those who find spiciness something "shiok" that they can never do without in any dish.

ComNam may have steered clear from serving Broken Rice, but their Lemongrass Chili Chicken Viet Fragrant Rice is something that I would go for if I am craving for a simple rice bowl dish — the coconut rice tasting like a crossover of a really light tasting Nasi Lemak and Chicken Rice; the rice gets all laced in creamy, eggs goodness when the sous-vide egg gets mixed into all the elements in the bowl. That being said, the meat-lover in me would probably go straight for the Braised Pork Claypot — a decent portion for a single person that comes with a fried egg and served with the same coconut rice on the side; the pork tender and jiggly while doused in a savoury Braised sauce that comes with a light sweetness which is immensely flavourful and fits heavier tastebuds like mine.

Of the many desserts, the Taro Sticky Rice Pudding was my favourite. Sticky rice takes the form similar to our "Bubur" desserts here, unlike the glutinous rice that we are used in Thai cuisine. The result was a mild tasting dessert that was light and easy to finish; a little earthy from the yam but also tasting a little similar to our local Tau Suan. Chunks of yam have also been included for a little bite as well as to enhance the flavours even further.

Was really surprised with ComNam's new menu — it manages to bring out an authentic taste of Vietnam with dishes out of their street food culture away from those that many people would find familiar with and the execution was done pretty well even for those with a little twist of local fusion. One of the places I would definitely be back and bringing people to if anyone was to be interested in having Vietnamese fare away from the Pho and Banh Mi that's almost everywhere these days. Thanks to the Les Amis Group for organizing the Burpple Tastemaker Eatup tonight and Burpple for the invite!


Love it. Generous ingredients and portion. The soup is tasty and it is very appetizing by adding the sauce. I prefer this better than Nam Nam. Will definitely come again.


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