From the Burpple community

During my short getaway to KL, I ordered in on one of the nights at The Majestic Hotel and got their Aged Beef Burger. It's not the exact name of the item though, and it's worse that I forgot to jot it down. 😐 Ah well…

Anyway, this was a stunner. I haven't properly tried dry-aged beef before, so this was my first time. It was firm, but was packing immensely savoury and slightly nutty flavours. They also incorporated chilli into the patty so there was a slight spicy zing to it, which was a highly-welcomed addition. 🍔🌶

The fries as well - they were surprisingly so well-made. They were thick, yet crispy and fluffy, and showed no sign of sogginess. I must say - I really got my money's worth with this. Thoroughly enjoyed this, from the first bite down to the last! (8.5/10)