Gathering influences from the streets of Tangra in Kolkata and popular mughlai dishes from the lanes of Delhi, Copper Chimney is proud to bring you an array of authentic as well as modern interpretations of Indian Chinese and North Indian preparations. Indulge in some of the best flavours in the bustling surroundings and rich culture of Little India.

100 Syed Alwi Road
Singapore 207676

11:00am - 01:00am

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Had mutton roganjosh ($12), butter chicken($11.50), garlic & butter naan($7). So good, so amazing. But, i rather get the butter chicken instead of mutton roganjosh! Its so creamy and the naan is really fragrant. Its just opposite Mustafa, and its air conditioned and do note theres GST & Service charge too. This meal cost around $35. Would come back for my naan and butter chicken cravings!!


Not a single dish disappointed and I'll definitely come back here if I'm around the area again.
So the next time swee choon has crazy long queues why not just walk a little and check out this restaurant.

Ordered their butter chicken and garlic naan, yum! Garlic naan was fragrant and tore apart oh so satisfyingly, crisp at the sides and soft in the centre. $3.50 for two slices should be more than enough! Butter chicken was full of flavour, very strong hint of tomato and sweetness. It's up to personal preference, bf preferred his mutton roganjosh which was tender and aromatic. Would definitely come back here again.

Went to this Northern Indian restaurant for dinner for an interesting change. Ordered the Fish Tikka Masala, Mutton Vindaloo, Butter Chicken and a mixed vegetable dish. Great that all the dishes weren't very big so we could order a variety! All the sauces were soooo flavourful and well-spiced, I can be contented just eating plain naan dipped in sauce 😌 My favourite has to be the fish one 😍 Really nicely flavoured with a blend of ginger and other vegetables. Highly recommend! πŸ‘πŸ»

Tonight with Copper Chimney was such a delight. Every dish served was outstanding - the layers of spices, smokiness of the meats and the thick consistency of the gravy. Even the naans were the BEST I've had. It was baked till almost crispy, you can literally hear the bread break as you tear it apart. Highly recommend for you to order a portion for yourself because, trust me, you wouldn't want to share the naan with anyone else.

This fish certainly didn't die in vain. The fish tikka here was the milder of dishes we had, with just the right amount of spices to have us going back for more spoonfuls. The fish chunk were huge (see picture for proof) and that gave the meat enough bite for a satisfying eat. This is best paired with naan. And my preferred choice of naan is the garlic one!

Mutton roganjosh, a staple of Kashmiri cuisine, made with braised lamb chunks cooked in a gravy with garlic, onions and a handful of aromatic spices. Loved the flavour burst with every mouthful, the tender mutton with no smell (yay!) and the plentiful sauce to dip my naan in. One thing though, it was a little on the salty side, so word of advice, go easy on the yummy sauce.

There is the newest addition to Copper Chimney’s sweet list, the rich, gooey and truly decadent Sizzling Brownie with Ice Cream.

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Time to feast on and recharge for the upcoming week!
Their revamped menu serves up a good mix of North Indian and Chinese Indian food. Butter Chicken has been always my favourite and their light yet flavourful version is truly one of the better ones I've tried.
Top right corner was the Veg Jaipuri that I got addicted to. Never thought that a creamy dish of spring vegetables would taste this good but I was truly impressed.

This is probably the best brownie I've tasted. Not that the ice cream or brownie individually were mindblowing, but the combination was stunning. It's not novel but it is absolutely delicious. Freezing cold ice cream, moist and chocolatey brownie, topped with a luscious fudge that sizzles and spits on a hot plate. Super sinful but decadent yums.

The concept's not hard to understand. Chinese + Indian = Chindian; it's no rocket science. But understanding the word's one thing; imagining the cuisine is a totally different ballgame. Never in the world would I expect Chindian food to be so innovative and taste so delicious! Last night Copper Chimney introduced me to a unique fusion cuisine. Think dishes like Salt & Pepper Babycorn and Chili Palak Paneer. Serving up amazing classic Northern Indian cuisine as well as these stellar Chindian ones, I believe I may have found my new fave Indian ressie.

It's so flavorful... but not for me... πŸ˜” #burpple #dinner #food :)
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