[CLOSED] Hougang Corner Burger

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* This place has closed :( Please try somewhere else. * Burgers, bowls, and other surprises.


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Juicy beef patty, molten cheese, fresh lettuce & tomatoes, enclosed by fresh sesame buns, with piping hot sour plum straight cut fries at the side - all for an affordable $10.

Can’t be more pleased with this combo.


Do be prepared to wait at least 15 min as the rice patties and har jeong gai cutlet are freshly prepared upon order. Served with a side of fries, the nasi lemak burger comes with leggit nasi - deep fried coconut rice patties that had an ideal well executed cracker-like crispness on its exterior, comprising of a seemingly rigid and compact interior of grainy rice; turned out to be fragile and crumbly though (as evident from the photo πŸ˜…). The fragrance of the coconut infused rice patties also shines through, with a lingering aroma. Sandwiched between these crisp and fragrant coconut rice patties comes a thick slab of har jeong gai cutlet topped with housemade sambal sauce, layered with cucumbers, sunny side up and lastly topped with garnishes of peanuts & ikan bilis. Indeed, a great resemblance to the nasi lemak with all the essential elements present, unlike the caramelised onions in Macdonald's version πŸ˜…. The har jeong gai cutlet by @ahtanwings had a crisp well-battered exterior that packs a punch with a subtle albeit distinct umami haebi fragrance, encasing tender and succulent chicken thigh meat within. Topped with home-made sambal sauce by @wonderfulnasilemak that added a flavourful touch of spiciness, the spiciness was distinct, lingering but a tad too mild for a sambal sauce with a mere presence that could have been provided more generously. Along with a fried egg (thank god it's not a fully cooked solidified yolk ), crunchy and juicy cucumber slices, the peanut and ikan bilis might seem like a calefare but it added a pleasant crunch factor as well as a flavourful waft of fragrance to the "burger". Fries were well seasoned but less crisp as compared to my previous visit. Loved the fact that the burger was served atop pandan leaves that retains a characteristic coconut fragrance. // Today's the last day of operations of @cornerkampung at Brunners coffeeshop! New outlet would be opening soon at Shaw Tower.


In collaboration with Ah Xiao Teochew braised duck, @cornerkampung, the burger sandwiches slices of braised duck, cucumber and garnished with spring onions, coriander and a little chilli paste. An interesting fusion of the west and the east, with the braised duck being tender, meaty and flavourful. The burger buns are soft, buttery and fluffy, but given the miserable size, this can be easily be mistaken as a slider instead πŸ˜‚. The size was even smaller than my palm πŸ™ˆ. The side of thick cut fries were crisp but lacked seasoning, pretty bland in flavour where chilli sauce and ketchup is a mandatory complement here. Looking forward for their new weekend special: Nasi lemak burger πŸ”! But this time round I am definitely not coming with an empty stomach πŸ˜‚.

As I am currently craving for a good pillowy-soft eggy bread like this Gula Melaka Fresh Toast off the daily special menu from Corner Burger. Sprinkled with coconut flakes, topped with sweet pear chunks and doused in gula melaka!


One half sells Peranakan food, while the other half sells burgers! Corner Burger's signature is the wagyu burger, so of course we need to try this 😁 the only option is medium, but my worries are for naught, because the patty is delightfully pink in the middle πŸ™ŒπŸΌ though I wouldn't mind if it comes more seasoned 😝This is served with fresh thick cut fries.


Back finally to try their burgers and this was really good considering it's an affordable one at $8 in a coffeeshop that I would really go for again.

This one sees an interesting fusion twist with a rather Chinese-y ingredient β€” "Fu Ru" or fermented bean curd paste; an ingredient that mum always used to stir fry with minced pork and potatoes at home before she got wayyyy too busy at work since my childhood. It is somewhat similar in terms of umami-ness with Shrimp Paste, but I would prefer to call Fermented Beancurd Paste a more refined version that tastes less "nasty" for those who don't like Shrimp Paste. The Tonkatsu Pork patty was marinated with fermented bean curd paste β€” the flavours totally reminiscent of childhood but yet interestingly in burger form this time (because where else does it this way!); crisp exterior and tender flesh within in between light, pillowy buns with greens, dressing and tomato in between. Usually at this juncture, there would have been a comment or two about the placement of fries here but there isn't anything to complain here β€” the burger itself wasn't overly drenched in sauce and hence the fries remained satisfyingly crisp without getting soggy and soaked in sauce. Yet another burger that I think I seriously am starting to love a lot especially given the Fu Ru here β€” definitely something I would really crave for!