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From the Burpple community

For just $3, you get a generous amount of noodles with two pieces of sweet pork ribs, and six halved and de-shelled prawns with tail still on. There's lots of fried shallots and bean sprouts for crunch. I prefer the dry version to the soup. Worth checking out this stall (unit #01-105) if you are in the Lavendar area.


Stall 01-107 at this hawker centre has a perpetual queue. Perhaps it's due to the cheap pricing or because they do simple local breakfast items well. Take their fried beehoon for instance. This ubiquitous morning dish features only noodles and bean sprouts but it is tastier than what other places sell. You can choose to add on items like a fried egg, fish cake, ngoh hiang etc. The fried mee is also popular. What I like especially is that they cook in small-ish batches and the queue moves fast, so everything tastes fresh.