Creamier Handcrafted Ice Cream and Coffee (Margaret Drive)

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Returned to Margaret Drive for some desserts! I’m positively gleeful that the ice cream 🍨 from Creamier is as good as I remembered.

And the outlet @MargaretMarketsg is lovely and a great spot to chill & laze the weekend away! 🫶🏻

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I don’t usually go for strawberry ice cream but I tried this flavour once and I enjoyed it so it’s become one of my go-to flavours when I visit creamier.

Tho it’s cream based and not a sorbet, it’s still refreshing and doesn’t taste too artificial (I hope/think they use only real strawberries and not jam/flavouring), and has some tiny crumble bits that make it taste a bit like strawberry cheesecake ice cream!

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Newly-opened takeaway outlet at Margaret Market (there're communal seats in the market building). Double scoop for $7.60 with additional $1 for premium flavours. Tried the National Day specials - Sesame Tang Yuan and Waffles Putu Piring. Sesame wàs rich and nutty with gooey bits of tang yuan nestled within, and the Putu Piring had a light flavour blend of pandan and gula Melaka with bits of waffles.

To celebrate the opening of their Margaret Drive outlet, @creamier_sg is offering a 1-for-1 ice cream cone/cup promotion this weekend! Since National Day is right around the corner, Creamier pays homage to our nation’s heritage through 3 limited edition National Day flavours - Waffled Putu Piring and Sesame Tang Yuan, and Pulut Hitam.

Imagine a traditional sesame tang yuan dessert translated into a frozen dessert; Rich nuttiness of black sesame as if a black sesame paste, encompassing tiny balls of chewy, glutinous rice, reminiscent of Mochi.
Interesting while retaining its cultural identity.

I was, in fact, looking forward to the waffled putu piring, a collaboration with Bege Rack’s Chong Pang Putu Piring. While I enjoyed the bits of grated coconut in caramelised gula melaka that wasn’t cloyingly sweet, I thought the nuances of pandan and coconut in the ice cream could be stronger.

Other than the August specials, you can also get your ice cream fix with their usual delectable flavours at the new Margaret Drive outlet.

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Recently opened at Margaret Market, a recently renovated place which used to house a wet market. It has now been classified as a heritage building. Used to passby this place in the late 90s as my secondary school was nearby. So this area will always house many memories for me, and this place has certainly changed alot.

Creamier has always served great Ice Cream, with many outlets around Singapore, surely their ice cream must be damn good la.

They also sometimes have seasonal flavours such as Pulut Hitam(sweet black glutinous rice) & Putu Piring(Coconut steamed rice cake).

Pulut Hitam- tasted like a "Creamier" version of the traditional Black Glutinous rice dessert. Which is what a sweet tooth like mine need; Creamier versions of all my favourite traditional dessert. This is damn good.

Butterscotch Almond- Am a sucker for anything Butterscotch, and the one here is damn good, and have bits of Almond in it as well. Creamy and shiok.

Will return soon for the Putu Piring, wife keep pestering me that this must be tried before the season for this seasonal flavour is over.