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Reviews at Da Luca Italian Restaurant

Reviews of good food at Da Luca Italian Restaurant

Cold angel hair pasta with uni and caviar $88
japanese egg with burata $58
pork chop $38
homemade egg tagliatelle pasta with truffle $88

i love their bread!! i think they serve the best bread. the food they serve is expensive but it was really good. had their calamari and black octopus but it was so so!! but their cold pasta is a must order.

6th review! Def one of my FAV restaurants. The cold pasta is undoubtedly one of the best. Friend decided to be greedy & ordered an entire cold pasta for herself so i finally got to try a different pasta!! 😁
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Rating: 9/10
Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes
Pros: Service improved. Consistently good food. Generous servings. Everything u see in two plates is actually 1 serving. ❤ the cold pasta. Crab meat penne comparable, but still prefer @pastafrescadasalvatore 's version. White asparagus (seasonal) was superb! Very good lamb chops, t-bone beef & pistachio ice cream too.
Cons: DON'T attempt to finish the cold pasta by yourself, it's extremely jerlat. Apple tart not fantastic.
Price: S$202.44 - 2pax, finished everything

Came here to celebrate a friend's bday dinner. The food is generally good but extremely overpriced. We had a (small serving for 2) of Japanese egg burrata w shaved truffle for appetizer ($67.86), cold angel hair scallop pasta w truffle oil ($79.56) lamb chops ($44.46) and a braised rabbit pasta ($21.06) one of us had wine ($23.28). Total bill was $247.17. It's not uncommon to be charged this amt for Italian food but for the ambience, location and portion, it was quite overpriced. Food is good just not worth the price. Wldnt come here again unless I had no choice.

Veal Tripe in a tomato and Parmesan stew in a Florentine style. This probably my Favourite dish from Da Luca. Not many places do this dish. Here at Da Luca, they stew the tripe to tender perfection. Brings back memories of eating the same dish along the streets of Fiorentina.

This famous restaurant is a long-time favourite of many, and for good reason! Love the casual and unpretentious vibe. Homely family-style trattoria with emphasis on good quality food! Do make reservations prior to going; they run at full-capacity every night, closed on Mon & Tue. I prefer to go late so it's less busy.

Rating: 9.1/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes

Pros: Food is truly wonderful. Service staffs not well-trained but friendly & polite. They offer good value lunch sets as well. Octopus is extremely tender 😃 but would prefer less tomato in my sauce though (personal preference as i don’t like sour foods). Free bread basket.

Cons: Super cramped & noisy. Not really romantic or anything. The hostess/boss flittering around was legit causing me anxiety just from her movements. It’s not very pleasant to have people zooming about in a frenzy the entire time, while i'm trying to enjoy my meal. Very distracting. Dishes were slow to serve. The moment you get seated they ask if you want still/sparkling & smack you with a bottle of Acqua Panna for $8++. Can reject and ask for 'normal' water. Glass-ware had specks of stuff inside.

Price: S$40++ for Spanish Octopus (portioned out into 2 plates as shown)

3rd review! Every time i leave, i’m already planning my next visit. Italian is my fav cuisine & pasta is my fav food, yes because i’m boring like that 😃 I love everything prepared by Chef Luca but unfortunately, this dish which has blown the minds of many, wasn’t doing anything for me. It’s good. But not THAT good. Pretty light on the palette & i like strong flavoured foods so… perhaps i wasn’t feeling the egg yolks right there & then as well (i’m not a fan of egg yolks). See previous 2 posts for in-depth reviews.

Rating: 8.1/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes (not this dish)

Pros: Premium ingredients of fresh burrata cheese, nagayo eggs, black truffles, iberico ham (or chorizo?). The creamy burrata blends well with the eggs and salty cured meat. Very light tasting dish.

Cons: I’ll be honest, it’s expensive for what it is. Pricing didn’t match my expectations for the taste. Black winter truffles are supposedly the best variants but these didn’t carry any aromatic or earthy flavours that i could easily detect.

Price: S$68++ for Eggs Burrata Truffle (portioned out into 2, what's shown is half), it’s usually S$48++ but now is the season for black winter truffles which are pricier

I really love pastas so this was heaven to me 😍 Cold angel hair pasta cooked al dente in a truffle emulsion with sweet raw scallops & uni, served on a chilled plate. What more could i ask for? 😋 Pic is blurry as i was shaking & can't wait to savour it! (haha i kid! just lousy photo skills). See previous posting for more info.

Rating: 9.6/10

Will i return/recommend: Yes/Yes

Pros: Quality food, well executed. It is pricey but it’s meant to share as a starter dish. Quantity is definitely sufficient even after portioning into 2. Generous servings of raw scallops which were extremely sweet. This dish is so simple yet mind-blowingly good. If anything, do attempt to try it at least once in your life 😃

Cons: Uni mid-grade type. The flavours doesn’t hold & gets tiresome when you’re mid-way through. But once you’re down to the last spoonful, that’s when you start to ‘panic’ 😂 Throughout the entire meal, nobody came round to check on us nor asked if we would like any desserts/coffee/tea to end our meal with, which is the most standard thing 😕 So we went to other nearby cafes instead 😀

Price: S$88++ for Cold Pasta Uni Scallop (each order portioned out into 2 plates, whats pictured is half). Do not attempt to eat this by yourself, you will get sick of it (very jelat)

Lobster linguine w white wine tomato sauce . Freshly made, every strand got me sipping till the last !

Braised Duck Pappardelle - tastes way better than it looks!! The duck zhup mixes well with the red wine reduction.

I wish there were more pasta to go with the generous heap of duck in this dish. Then again, the excess duck did go very well with the excellent crispy bread they served.. So I guess it's all good 🍞 😎

It was poached in aromatics for hours before being pan seared to lock in its flavour, the octopus was silky smooth and tender AF. Bathed in a tomato vodka sauce and peppered with Sicilian cherry tomato flavour bombs that literally exploded in your mouth this was the perfect appetitzer to kick off the meal. Granted it is a bit pricey, but it's definitely worth the occasional splurge. (8/10)

It was so frickin tender, fatty and flavourful. Amazing char from the grill, perfect medium rare. It was like the climax of every National day parade when all the fireworks go off and you just squeal with glee. It was my favourite dish of the night and it left me picking at the scraps of meat wishing there was more. DO NOT LEAVE WITHOUT ORDERING THIS. ITS FREAKIN UNREAL (9.3/10)

3 course set lunch @ $20. Main was Pork Ravioli with Cream Sauce. Dessert - Fresh Fruit Tart. Awesome food! Great service! Will definitely visit again!

Located near United square. Shared among two people: Meat consisted of Rosemary chicken (wonderfully tender and juicy), well-done steak (pretty average), pork (comparatively less flavourful) and sausages (a tad salty but didn't taste gamey). Loved the sliced portobello mushrooms and corns to lighten things up. I will wanna come back to try the pizzas! Pizzas looked very good. Warm friendly service.

Special request by mum. $30 for 2 foie gras. This, together with the bread basket were the only things delicious today. A pity this place was not as good as I remembered from Restaurant Week. Don't think I'll return again for another meal.

Course 3: Chef's special dessert. Mascarpone cream, amaretti biscuit and amaretto liquor

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