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From the Burpple community

Crabmeat stirred into a creamy tomato sauce what’s not to love?? They could’ve been abit more generous with the crabmeat but there was still a decent amount in every bite and it was fresh as well. The sauce really won me over in this dish as the cream partnered perfectly with the slightly tangy tomato sauce and lusciously coated the pasta. Portion of pasta was generous too and would order this again if I come back!!

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This pizza came topped with truffled mascarpone, mushrooms and shaved truffles and drizzled with truffle oil. It seemed like a lot of truffle components but thankfully the flavor wasn’t too overpowering. I especially liked the crisp crust with slight charred bits which gave the pizza a slight bitterness that complemented the creamy and rich toppings. I didn’t quite like the mushrooms however as they seemed to be cooked in a way that didn’t really pair well with the cheeses.

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Classic pasta dish done pretty well!! but not sure whether I would fork out close to $30 for this as they weren’t super generous with the clams. The olive oil, chili, garlic and white wine emulsified really nicely and coated the pasta making it rather addictive. Pasta was cooked al dente as well but you might wanna check out their 2 course lunch sets at $20 nett!!

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This is pretty authentic! You could definitely tell that eggs and/or egg yolks were the main ingredients for the cream sauce because it thickens relatively quickly. Most place "cheat" by using cream for the carbonara sauce. Really like this dish and would definitely come back for more of this! 😋

With that said, most might find this too jelat, especially if they're used to the mainstream style of carbonaras.

Rating: 4.75 / 5


Truffle Mushroom Pizza And Lobster Risotto. Risotto was cooked aldente, served with chunky pieces of lobster meat. Truffle mushroom pizza with cheese was great but got a little jelat towards the end.

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Didn’t use to be fan of tomato pastas, but now have a newfound appreciation for tomato cream pastas.
The al dente tagliatelle sweeps up the creamy savoury-with-a-slight-tang sauce. A pasta that hits all the right comforts home. If you need a balance to all that carbs, do as we did and get the salad of hummus, kale, roasted sweet potato, mushrooms, cauliflower rice and chicken breast. ($19). Quite a satisfying kick too

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