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From the Burpple community

Was pretty hyped for this meal and it didnt disappoint... but didnt exceed expectations either. Bit of hits and misses here:

The brisket was tender but wasn't that special. I only found it tasty near the sides where there is more fat. Since most people get the middle cut, it doesn't have much of a barbeque flavour.

The really tender and sizeable portion was the ribs. Actual rib bone was only a third of its length so that leaves you a lot of juicy marbled rib to devour.

The pulled pork was quite dry but was better with all that barbeque sauce they supplied us with.

The cornbread was a bit dry and tasted a bit like sponge cake...

The mac and cheese definitely good comfort food but was very milky and a bit one dimensional.

The baked beans were a spicy treat which flavours harmonised well with the meats!

My favourite go-to place for smoked meats. This is 400g of the regular smoked Wagyu brisket. I wanted to try/see what’s the difference between the regular and the GF version.

It seems that the GF version is less gamey, and is leaner. It’s still good nonetheless, whichever version it is. I love that they give jalapeños which goes very well with the meats 😋

Ordered delivery during this “no dine-in” phase 2 HA, as I was craving for their smoked brisket. It’s one of the best I’ve had in SG. I ordered the meat by weight, and this is 300g.

If there’s one thing you can’t say about Decker, it’s that the food is lacking flavour. Everything is so well seasoned and has a depth of flavour! I got the wagyu brisket and pork spare ribs. The brisket was tender and slightly fatty, just the way I like it. The ribs were honestly too salty for me that it had me reaching for water. The crunchy slaw with a bit of tang helped to cut through some of that saltiness. I expected the cornbread to come warm but it came cold, not a big deal because it was delicious.

A hard seltzer and meat platter for one later, it came up to $50+ per pax inclusive of a $5 service charge. Very expensive! Would think twice to come back but for the food I’d come back for more of an occasion.

This apple cobbler was a lovely way to finish a heavy, hearty meal. ($10) Underneath a layer of loosely-packed, buttery crumbs are sweet, soft, cinnamon-scented apples. It's crowned with scoops of vanilla ice cream.

The presentation isn't much to look at, but the flavors and textures are definitely on point. The creaminess of the ice cream with the crumble, the soothing familiarity of the vanilla with the sharper cinnamon of the apples. My only jibe is that the crumble could have been just a teeny weeny bit more crunchy to give that textural contrast.


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Fork-tender? More like spoon- tender. Sharing one of my favourite BBQ joints in Singapore with y’all - @deckerbarbecue 🤤
With a custom-built smoker from Dallas, and meats smoked up to 16 hours - these folks really know how to deliver up a mean tray of authentic Texas barbeque
I fell in love with BBQ after my stint in UIUC in Illinois, so this is easily one of my favourite places to eat in Singapore!
Pictured is the 6 rib ribplate (S$32) which comes with 2 sides and is pretty good value for the amount of meat they serve up!