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34 Whampoa West
Singapore 330034

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11:00am - 08:00pm

11:00am - 08:00pm

11:00am - 08:00pm

11:00am - 08:00pm

11:00am - 08:00pm

11:00am - 08:00pm


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From the Burpple community

They provide healthy cookies and beautiful cakes. It’s indeed beauty inside out. Price for the cookies in a tube abt $28-32, cake abt $10-$12 per slice.

Not only their cookies and cakes, their beverages also healthy!

I think it’s a healthier and suitable choice for a sweet tooth like me!

Got some vegan cakes for my vegan friend (◔ᴗ◔)

Manage your expectations because these are nothing like typical cakes. Instead, they taste more like COOKIE DOUGH, which I rather enjoyed as they were not overly sweet either. Of course you can convince yourself that it’s sorta less sinful.

Date visited: 13/5/2018, Mother's Day (Sunday, 2:30pm)

My mother-in-law has diabetes. So that's why my hub and I went to Delcie to get a diabetic-friendly (DF) cake for her on mother's day.

Their DF cakes are made using (organic) agave - low glycemic index (G.I. 15-18) - instead of cane sugar (G.I. 80-85). The cakes are also eggless/ dairy-free as well. No chemicals added, no trans fat, no cholesterol too. That being said, the recommended serving size for people with diabetes is still one slice (only).

The Blue Forest (blueberry fruit) cake we got costs $60 for good reasons. Let me touch briefly on the price of the organic ingredients used here:
1kg Organic agave ($28) vs white sugar ($1.55)
1kg Delcie's cream ($15.80) vs dairy cream ($5)
1kg wheat-free mix ($18) vs plain flour ($3)
1L rice milk ($4.80) vs dairy milk ($1.90)

So, I think price wise, at least they are justified.

I mean I do wonder at times why many cake shops out there (esp 'branded cake shops') sell their cakes at such high costs when ingredients like flour, eggs, sugar etc don't cost much. I don't quite get it.

Anyway, this is our 2nd visit/ purchase there. We bought a blackforest cake there previously, and this time, we bought a blue forest cake (blueberry cake).

Wanted to get a durian cake initially, but decided against it because while the cake sponge is DF, the durian is not.

I quite like the cake. But family did not really like it. I guess taste is quite a personal/ subjective thing. So taste wise, I personally think it is really fine.

The TASTE of the cake (sponge) reminded me of ...

1) 'Huat Kueh' (发糕); aka steamed cakes, typically in brown or orange, with its top split into 3 or 4 peaks.

2) Piglet-in-Basket biscuits (猪仔饼); usu sold in plastic baskets; commonly available during the moon cake festival; made with leftover dough from the (traditional baked-type of brown) mooncake skins; sweetbreads & slightly chewy.

I mean, what's there not to like about the taste of huat kueh/ (baked) mooncake skins? Hahaha.

The cream on the cake doesn't taste like the typical butter/ heavy/ dairy cream we get from other cake shops. Definitely lighter. I do like Delcie's cream much better than the usual (butter/whipped/fresh) cream. Some cakes look nice as the shops slather so much cream over the cake. For those, I will scrape off all the cream and just eat the sponge cake. Too jelak for me!
Delcie's one is fine. Light and not too thick.

However, the cake (as in the sponge) itself is not the usual light, soft, fluffy, moist kind of sponge we are so used to. It feels somewhat denser/heavier and slightly harder (just slightly). I had to use a bit of strength to cut through the cake with my fork. But after one slice, I didn't suffer from any awful cake/ cream surfeit. So, not to worry. Delcie's cakes are NOT so heavy such that they make you feel surfeited.

By the way, the blueberries in the sponge cake are whole and fresh! I have never come across a cake shop that does this.

The sponge of the cake differs from the usual/ normal sponge cakes that we are so used to eating and as such, some people may just be unable to get used to this. I concluded/ reckoned that it is actually the feel of the sponge cake people don't fancy... Not so much the taste.

Anyway, if you are the type who wants/ likes to go for the soft/ decadent/ luscious type of rich/ moist type of cake (sponge), then this is clearly not for you.

If you are not sure whether you will like it, then buy a slice there to try it out first.

For the price, cake/ ingredients quality, taste and customisation (for any allergy-free recipe, etc) they can do for you, I think Delcie is a very good cake shop. The boss works in the shop, the staff provide good service, are well-informed, and are always ready to answer your questions. I hope they make enough money to stay in the business and perhaps, even prosper because there aren't many cake shops that do what they are doing!

Delcie makes (vegan and DF) lactation cookies and other snacks like healthy almonds that are also DF, gluten/ soy free as well. I will review those in separate posts after I get feedback from the respective people eating them. I really hope the lactation cookies work because that is something that will make me patronise the shop over and again!

Over and out!


costly piece of cake but colorful enuf to bring smiles!! however, very sweet n it tastes just like a colorful "Huat-kuey" .... totally not worth e price ;( #cake #rainbowcake #dessert #bakedwithlove

My first time trying a healthy dessert from Delcie’s. Had been wanting to try their fudge cake for a long time and when I had the chance to pop by their shop, I couldn’t resist getting a muffin to try although I’ve had a slice of sinfully chocolate cake for my breakfast. 😅⁣

The muffin wasn’t sweet at all and the mild sweetness comes from the chocolate at the top of the muffin. The muffin had a very smooth texture and it wasn’t dry. ⁣

I’d prefer it to be a little sweeter personally, I was constantly trying to dip the muffin with more chocolate stuck on the wrapper. 🤣⁣

Calories of this muffin was 325cals (and I shared it with my bf, lesser guilt! 😄) ⁣

Nevertheless, would still want to try their fudge cake and all their other healthy bakes! ⁣

💵 Total: $5
Rating: ☀️☀️☀️🌤☁️ ⁣⁣⁣⁣⁣
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Wow kuldos to @delciesdesserts for creating desserts that is diabetes-friendly, gluten-free, egg/diary-free (vegan), 100% cholesterol-free, organic and halal👏👏👏basically a dessert for everyone and absolutely guilt-free💕🙌even the icing is healthy? Like how? 😱 best of all surprisingly it doesn’t taste too bad!!☺️ of cos you won’t get the fluffy texture as much as normal cakes due to the lack of egg-white🤔 but it does have the softness that I love bout pastries🍰❤️ I tried their blueberry forest and strawberry shortcake ($7.80) - the sponge layers r the same, but the cream really makes the difference together with the use of fresh fruits 🍓 💕 best of it - ITS SO PRETTY😂☺️ definitely worth a visit and all the support it needs to grow a healthier dessert community 🌟
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