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Creating Fusion Pizzas that will give you a whole new meaning to enjoying Pizzas.

35A Boat Quay
Singapore 049824

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As a great fan of fushion food, I really have to give Depizza a big shout out!! They managed to retain the characteristics of what a pizza should be, and yet have the very Asian flavour, especially the Chilli Crab pizza!! Easily my favourite out of the three pizzas we ordered!! The usual thin crust was change to a huge mantou, which was really good!!!! That stole my stomach away la!!

They are also very very generous with their toppings!! Really Cheesy pizza was EXTREMELY cheesy and it comes with local sauces (garlic and chilli) to eat with, an attempt at making it local!! Also the Salmon Mentaiko pizza, was filled with salmon cubes, and it comes together some wasabi flake which we can choose to add. Not too strong but definitely adds a lot to the taste.

Besides, it’s really a nice and simple ambience, and a quiet escape from the busy street. A good place to chill and catch up with my friends.

11/10 would head back!! :”)

Always a fan of local food, this pizza was ordered without any hesitation. Really glad that fresh crab meat was used instead of crab stick! Also, I loved their creative idea of using fried mantou as the pizza base! Best thing was that the crispy fried mantou base was airy, making a possibly dense pizza treat a lighter one:)


Really loved their chilli crab pizza. Good spin on a local Singapore classic. Crust was a little burnt, but other than that really a good place to go to!

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Definitely not stingy with their ingredients, it is worth trying! Tried the Chilli Crab Pizza and the Sweet & Sour Pork Pizza. The fusion is pretty amazing, especially with their deep fried crust for the Chilli Crab Pizza. The Buff Guy wings is a must-try!

The unique pizza flavours such as sweet and sour pork(kor lor yok), and chill crab were surprisingly tasty. You would think that the combination would taste weird, but it actually complemented the pizza crust really well. Highly recommend this place!

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Chili crab pizza is really good. The ambience was nice and cozy. It's affordably priced. The service was amazing too.
If you're looking for fusion food and pizza all at once, this is the place to go! :)

Went to DePizza with my friends and boy was I pleasantly surprised! Serves really great fusion pizzas which had a special Singaporean twist to it!! Personal favourite is the chilli crab mantou pizza!! MUST TRY! Great ambience and friendly owner, definitely will revisit again!

Fusion πŸ•πŸ•πŸ• to recreate your dining experience πŸ˜‹πŸ˜‹
They serve up Hot-piping pizza with asian flavour of pizza like Nasilemak, Chilli Crab, GuLokYuk & many more exciting flavour coming up
Ciaos πŸ’¨πŸ’¨πŸ’¨

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They had many unique flavours such as nasi lemak and chilli crab pizza. Was definitely a change from the pizza flavours people have become accustomed to.
Service was great as the staff to the time to explain the various dishes to us
Will definitely be back for more


I found the flavours really interesting and especially enjoyed the chilli crab pizza :) The friendly staff and warm ambience made my experience an extremely pleasant one. Highly recommended!

very original and very tasty, one of a kind, good service and cozy atmosphere :)

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Great service and great food here :) Was not sure of how the Nasi Lemak pizza would turn out, but it was really good!!! (Fat Die Fries are also really yummy) Definitely worth a visit!

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Really amazing pizzas here! The ambience was really cozy and comfortable, the owner was also nice and friendly. Highly recommend! :)

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Depizza offers a wide range of pizzas that would definitely cater to your tastebuds. If you looking for a place with great ambience and friendly staff, depizza is the place to go

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The pizzas are very interesting such as Nasi Lemak Pizza, which is very unlike what you’ll usually find outside. Owner is also very friendly as he served the pizzas and described the pizzas so we know what to expect. Overall very good!


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