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From the Burpple community

For those working around Ubi would familiar with this western food stall, that just a few mins walk from Ubi MRT Station.

You can’t find this on the menu display, but you can order by telling the chef. Basically it is a combo of carbonara pasta and chicken chop in one plate.

I could understand why this stall so popular, the taste was surprisingly good and the portion was great for me. Carbonara pasta was creamy and mixed with lots of ingredients like cherry tomatoes and bacons. I like how he added a small piece of egg yolk on the top. While on the another side it has a super juicy chicken chop.

The waiting time could be longer during lunch because of one man show here. So do give him some patient and I guarantee the wait is totally worth it.

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bf loved the carbonara (it's his favourite pasta), but i found it rather meh
6/10 would recommend

chicken chop was real good though
- chicken was nicely cooked (baked?)
- veggies were chinese style stir-fried, interesting addition
- mashed potatoes tasted like potatoes (which is not a bad thing but it's missing the creaminess of real good mashed potatoes)
- sauce was awesome
8/10 would recommend

Chicken was really well cooked. The skin was very crispy unlike other chicken chops that are soft. Sauce was well made too. A little pricey but I think it's worth it

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Nice presentation when served, although I feel that they can leave the tomato out of the dish.. 😅

$6.50, reasonably priced I suppose.