From the Burpple community

Pray tell what could possibly be better than perfectly grilled Wagyu beef served on a bed of fragrant truffled mash and roasted baby potatoes? Exactly.


It's not right to not share more of the awesome food we had at Digby's. So here we have their garlic-topped pizza bread. Handmade and baked on-site, it arrived hot and fresh from the oven for the most satisfying balance of crisp and chewiness. Already so good on its own, the 100% organic home-made hummus and babaganoush dips took the pizza bread to whole other level. Then there's the escargot farmed by local farmers. Sliced up and cooked French-style with garlic and herbs, it had an unbridled pure and earthy flavour. So different from the frozen stuff we usually get. The owners of this place are a couple who met in the U.S. (he's Cambodian and she's a Singaporean). They are genuinely passionate foodies, so you can bet your last dollar that everything tastes great here.


Meat lovers, if you are ever in Phnom Penh, you must not miss Digby's. This place is a like a piece of mixed media art - a few things thrown together under one roof. There's an upmarket grocery store, a gourmet cafe, a casual restaurant and a butchery all packed into a corner building. For me, it's the butchery that truly impresses. Imagine choosing your fave type and cut of beef (wagyu, ribeye, sirloin etc), cold cuts and sausages, and then having them freshly cooked/plated for you to savour in the restaurant itself. Now, what I find very cool is the fact that the sausages are made from scratch in-house using really clean-tasting local Cambodian pork! So you get to have all sorts of interesting and crazy-delicious varieties. The three that had me raving extra enthusiastically about were the "Smoked Pork", "Tom Yam" and the "Char Siew Lap Cheong" (US$1.50 for 100gms). Seriously juicy and packed with the most amazing and authentic flavours, these are bangers I'd be happy to return anytime for my fix.