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The Short Review

Price Range: $100-$120

Nearest MRT: Knightsbridge

Instagrammability: High -
Awesome food presentation & ambience, with customary fine-dining dim lighting.
To sample the world's now 7th Best Restaurant, set in the gloomy yet majestic confines of the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park, reservations months in advance are highly recommended.

1) Meat Fruit [£17.50+]
Delicious Chicken Liver Pâté wrapped deceptively in Mandarin Gelée, this iconic DBH dish tastes as good as its simple facade.
Grilled bread could've been even better to match the wow factor of the pâté.

2) Octopus Frumenty [£18.00+]
Besides well-grilled octopus appendages & a likable, clear broth, I found the rest of the dish tasting rather weird, its sophistication beyond my appreciation.

3) Powdered Duck Breast [£36.00]
I really liked the duck, which had a texture similar to charsiew & an aftertaste of liver.
Complimented well with blood pudding.

4) Cod in Cider [£30.00+]
Decent chard sitting in a puddle of buttery cream, delicious onions & artichokes.

5) Chocolate Bar [£13.50+]

6) Brown Bread Ice-Cream [£13.50+]
A tart of interesting textures, though the combination of pear & malted yeast might prove to be an acquired taste for some.

7) Tipsy Cake [£14.50+]
Another DBH signature, this dessert is ridiculously good comfort food.
Upscaling McDonald's Cinnamon Meltz with brandy syrup & perfectly-roasted pineapple, this simple dish executed familiar tastes with 2 Michelin star precision.