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Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough

$12.00 · 115 Reviews

My favourite dish from Atlas. I’ve had this more than 5 times for sure!!!! I love it when the creamy mushrooms soak into the bread and then you eat it with the tasty, perfectly scrambled eggs!!! 10/10

White wine infused creamy mushrooms served on toasted sourdough with freshly grated parmesan cheese. I recommend adding scrambled eggs for an additional $3. Everything came together perfectly!

(*Atlas Coffeehouse is currently closed for renovations, they will be reopening early next month)

The creamy mushrooms with sausages on sourdough is quite meeeeh to me. It’s not bad, but maybe just not my kind of cheese used.

The coveted creamy mushroom on sourdough from Atlas Coffeehouse is not to be missed! Delectable white wine cream is paired with sauteed mushrooms, sourdough bread and topped off with finely grated parmesan!

While I was planning to add scrambled eggs as well, I opted for the Italian Sausages instead for an extra 3 bucks that tied the whole dish together. This is definitely the perfect epitome of brunch.

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Ordered the creamy mushroom with sourdough plus topping of scrambled eggs ($12 plus $3), Candied bacon with buttermilk waffles which comes with a scoop of vanilla bean ice cream ($14) and a side of truffle fries.

The sauce and scrambled eggs were both creamy and flavourful. But it made the sourdough kinda too wet being topped on it. Depends on personal preference, I prefer to dip my bread into the wet. Waffles was crispy on the outside with an airy dough. The bacon reminded me of bak kwa. Truffles fries are reasonable but nothing to shout about.

Expect to wait as this cafe is rather popular.

Brunch situation at Atlas | not too bad for brunch date but can be too jelat after eating half; best shared with someone 🤗

Added scrambled eggs to the dish for $3 more and boy was it well worth it! 😍 they were also very generous with the mushrooms equivocally across other dishes as well! Sauce was fantastic and sourdough bread soaked it up very well 😋 highly recommend this dish. Having this for the second time and it doesn’t fail to disappoint.


The Creamy Mushrooms on Sourdough with Scrambled Eggs ($14 + $3) is amazing. It was a beautiful, beautiful combination of creamy white sauce with sourdough, baked perfectly, and laced with a generous serving of grated parmesan. And the Low and Slow Pulled Pork ($20) was decadently flavourful. The pulled pork, slow braised for 18 hours, was so tender, that I could just eat it on its own. Now that's a winning combination for brunch right there.
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