Mixed Berries Compote Waffles

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Fresh strawberries and butter adorned on top of strawberry compote on top of hot cakes. Stacksss.
The maple syrup was honestly a welcome sweetness as the strawberries were kinda sour but at the same time lacking the depth of flavour fresh strawberries are suppose to have. The hot cakes while fluffy were a bit too thick for my liking.

Oh look at the resplendent thick golden brown pancake stack that spent a good 20 minutes sitting in the oven (as the cafe personnel educated us). Emblazoned by classic ingredients of berries compote or the more indulgent version of butterscotch bananas, vanilla ice cream; both were excellent examples of good brunch pancakes.
Definitely a signature here at Atlas, that keeps the crowd coming back for more (as I observe while waiting for our table given it was a P.H.).


Brunch just wouldn't be complete without waffles. And Atlas' berry compote waffles are some of the best in the land, so you really, really don't have much of an excuse not to order 'em.

A shockingly sour and tart summer Berry compote is generously splashed out all over the internally fluffy, externally crispy waffles before being finished off with an artistic drizzle of honey, and a super sized scoop of vanilla ice cream.

For $13.50, it doesn't sound like value for money, but each individual element is so finely executed to the point where it all comes together like a symphony, believe me.

The fluffy, substantially sized waffle absorbs the tart berry compote and softens up a little for easier ingestion, while the honey and ice cream serve to balance out Atlas' berry compote, which is the most sour and tart rendition I've had thus far with their sweetness. The slowly melting, suitably sweet vanilla frozen dairy treat lubricates everything and gives it a lush richness and a pleasantly icy temperature as it winds its way down into your tummy.

Atlas' buttermilk waffles are so good, you can use 'em to butter up whoever it is you need a favor from.


Mixed berries compote waffle ($12.50) 🍓🍇.
🍴Crispy & fluffy waffle with a nice balance of berry flavour ⭐️ 4/5 ⭐️
📍@atlascoffeehouse, 6 Duke's Road S268886 (near Botanics MRT)


At last, I finally made my way down to Atlas Coffeehouse. (See what I did there, haha)

As the first stop of last weekend’s #TastyTastemakerTour, the cafe was surprisingly packed in the early morning and I do see their charm.

Crispy and slightly fluffy with a lovely buttermilk fragrance, the waffle was good and of a texture that I preferred. Not overpowering the dessert, the mixed berries compote was pleasantly tart with a good amount of sweetness to pair with the waffles and creamy vanilla ice cream. As expected by the folks previously from Assembly Coffee, the selections offered is both crowd pleasing and well-executed. I also love the whole space and if you wanna take a good photo be sure to snab the counter-seats facing the road which guarantees nice natural lighting in the day.

Thank you @Burpple and @Atlascoffeehouse for the warm hospitality!

The dessert that wraps up stop 1 of the Tasty Tastemaker Tour. On first look, this might look like a massive onslaught of sweetness all on one plate, especially with that generosity when it comes to the mixed berry compote and that scoop of vanilla ice-cream that accompanies them. I loved how the waffles here are always so ever fluffy, with a lingering Buttermilk fragrance that makes it so wonderful. The compote brings just a good amount of sweetness to the dish, so it comes with a good balance of sweet yet tart berry flavour while the vanilla ice-cream is smooth and aromatic — an ideal match to the waffles without being overwhelmingly sweet. Presentation wise it might be messy for some, but I personally find it fitting to the terminology "beautiful mess" pretty well!

The waffle was crispy and fluffy on the inside. The ice cream and berries fitted well with the waffles, creating a juicy yet crispy masterpiece in your mouth!! If you are a fan of crispy waffles, this $12.5 waffle would be your next target💓

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Whilst the mixed berries compote scythes at you with the seductively tarty vengeance of a most coquettish minx, the usually reliable waffle, though internally still proficient, had the wizened, sun-weathered skin of a Punggol-living septuagenarian. 3.5/5